10 Facts about Maui Dolphins

Post On: August 20, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Maui Dolphins give the readers the information about Cephalorhynchus hectori Maui. It is also called as popoto. In the subspecies of dolphin, it is known as the smallest one. Moreover, it is the rarest in the world. The only endemic cetaceans in New Zealand are Hector’s and Maui’s. If you want to spot Maui’s dolphins, you need to go to the west coast of North Island in New Zealand. They will like to live with depth less than 20 metres. Find out other unique facts about Maui Dolphins below:

Facts about Maui Dolphins 1: the threats

Trawling and set-netting are the major sources of threats of Maui Dolphins.

Facts about Maui Dolphins 2: “The Last 55” campaign

“The Last 55” campaign was launched by the World Wildlife Fund in New Zealand in May 2014 to protect the Maui Dolphins.

Maui Dolphins

Maui Dolphins

Facts about Maui Dolphins 3: the fishing restrictions

The fishing restriction in the area was supported by International Whaling Commission. However, the demand was neglected by New Zealand government.

Facts about Maui Dolphins 4: oil drilling

Oil drilling site was opened by the government of New Zealand on 3000-kilometer square of West Coast on the primary habitat of Maui’s dolphin.

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Facts about Maui Dolphins 5: the declined population

The population of Maui’s dolphin was decreased to 43 to 47 individuals according to a report in May 2015. The mature females were only 10 of them.

Maui Dolphin

Maui Dolphin

Facts about Maui Dolphins 6: Hector’s dolphin

Let us talk about the classification of Maui dolphins.  It has been recognized as North Island Hector’s dolphin before it was included under a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin in 2002.

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Facts about Maui Dolphins 7: the prominent physical appearance

The prominent physical appearance of Maui dolphin is spotted on the round dorsal fins. Moreover, they have a short snout, black, white and grey markings.

Facts about Maui Dolphins 8: the females

The female Maui dolphins have the weight up to 50 kilograms and length of 1.7 metres. The females are bigger than the males. The life span of a Maui dolphin can reach 20 years.

Facts about Maui Dolphins

Facts about Maui Dolphins

Facts about Maui Dolphins 9: conservation status

Maui Dolphins gain the status as Nationally Critical according Department of Conservation in New Zealand.  It is Critically Endangered according to IUCN Red List.

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Facts about Maui Dolphins 10: behavior

To find for food, Maui’s dolphins will have echolocation. This behavior is also used to communicate and navigate.

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