10 Facts about Marine Animals

Post On: June 1, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Marine Animals refer to the animals, which live in the ocean. The nature of earth is defined by the presence of the organisms. Almost 99 percent of the living space on earth is located in the oceans. It is a home to more than 16,000 species of fish, which have been documented by the scientists. The number of species, which have not been documented, reached 2 million species. Get other interesting facts about marine animals below:

Facts about Marine Animals 1: the first animals

The first animals traced back 40 million years ago were Ediacara biota. It only had the length of a few centimeters.

Facts about Marine Animals 2: the number of marine species

The number of chordates is around 52,000 species. Mollusks have around 85,000 species. On the other hand, arthropods have around 1,113,000 species.

Facts about Marine Animals

Facts about Marine Animals

Facts about Marine Animals 3: marine sponges

Marine sponges are unique animals for they do not have any circulatory, digestive and nervous system.  The body features channels and pores. It looks like a sponge.

Facts about Marine Animals 4: a constant water flow

Sponges need constant flow of water to eliminate waste and capture food. The primary characteristics of sponges are seen from the production of sperm cells, lack of cell walls, heterotrophic and multicellular features.

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Facts about Marine Animals 5: Cnidarians

Cnidarians are included as marine animals. They have stinging cells for trapping the prey. It has around 10,000 species.  Hydrozoans, jellyfish, sea anemones and corals are included as cnidarians.

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

Facts about Marine Animals 6: research

When people want to conduct researches related to cnidarians, they will like to use the starlet sea anemone.

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Facts about Marine Animals 7: marine worms

The marine worms have no limbs. The bodies are cylindrical. Marine nemertean worm has the length of 190 feet or 58 m. The bristle worms have the length of 3.3 feet or 1 metre.

Facts about Marine Animals 8: the phyla

Marine worms have a number of phyla, which include arrow worms, segmented worms, horseshoe worms and Hemichordata.

Marine Animals

Marine Animals

Facts about Marine Animals 9: Echinoderms

The marine invertebrates are included as the members of Echinoderms. The members include sea lilies, sea cucumbers, sand dollars, sea urchins and starfish.

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Facts about Marine Animals 10: Molluscs

Molluscs make up around 23 percent of the total described marine organisms.

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