10 Less-Known Facts about Max Planck

Post On: December 5, 2017
By: Andi

The facts about Max Planck talk about German physicist. Have you ever heard about him? Max Planc is a multitalent scientist, he is not only great in physics but he also great in super contrary subject which is musics. Getting know more about him must have been amazing, here are some details about Max Planc.

Facts about Max Planck 1: Early Life

Planck came from a high educated family, noted that grandfather and even great-granfather were theology professors in Gottingen, while his father was a law professor in Kiel and Munich. He was born in Kiel, Germany, on April 23, 1858 from Julius Wilhelm and Emma Planck.

Facts about Max Planck 2: Marriage

Planck was twice married. firstly he married with Merie Merck, a friend of his childhood, she died in 1909. Then he remarried her cousin, Marga Von Hosslin and have five children. Three of them died in young age, hence only two sons living him. Unfortunately, he suffered a big tragedy that one of his son executed for his part in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Hitler in 1944.

Facts about Max Planck

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Facts about Max Planck 3: Academic Career

After he had finished his thesis, Planck became an unpaid lecturer in Munich. In April 1885, Planck accepted as associate professor of theoretical physics and by 1892 he became a fullprofessor after that, many offerring from universities came to Planck, such as from the University of Berlin and Columbia University in New York City.

Facts about Max Planck 4: Publication

Planc released a great deal of books and journal of physics in 1900s, such as “Unber eine Verbesserung der Wienschen Spketralgleichung. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellchaft”, “Zur Theories des Gezetzes der Energieverteilung in Normalspektrum”, and Entropie und Temperatu Strahlender Warme”.

Facts about Max Planck 5: Contribution

Planck had great involvement to theoretical physics, surprisingly he recognised as physics rests primarily as the originator of quantum theory. In 1948, Max Planck Socety was formed and now it includes 83 institutions representating a wide range of scientific directions.

Facts about Max Planck 6: Einstein and The Theory of Relativity

In 1905, Albert Einstein published the journal Annalen der Physik, no need a long time, Einstein’s theories widely accepted in German and Planck contributed to develope the special theory of relativity.

Initially, Planck rejected Einstein’s hypothesis about light quanta (photons) but then in 1911, Solvay Converence held in Brussel. At this meeting, Einstein convince planck about his theory. eventually, these scientists became close each other and they often play music together.

Max Planck, in the middle who uses eyeglasses

Facts about Max Planck 7: Quantun Mechanics

At the end of 1920s, Planc rejected the theory of quantum mechanics. Planck argued that wave mecahnics coused quantum theory unworthy.

Facts about Max Planck 8: Religius Views

Planck has an open minded views in religion. However, he was a member of the Lutheran Chuch in Germany. He criticised atheism for being focused on the derision of such symbols, while at the same time warned the believer not to over-estimation of the importance of such symbols. Planck stated the scientist is a men of imagination and faith, which is the same as religion. he said : “Both religion and science require to belief in god”.

Facts about Max Planck 9: Awards

Planck as a great physicist had won many prides. In 1918, he won the greatest prize ever made, Nobel Prize in Physics. Copley and Max Planck Medal at the same time, 1929. In 1945 he got Goethe Prize, and such like.

Facts about Max Planck 10: After Life

During the secon world war, German attaccted by a great number of allied bombing missions against Berlin, therefore, Planc and his wife moved to the countryside.

In 1945, Planck’s son, Erwin, arrested becouse of becoming tthe attempted assasination of Hitler on July 20. Around two years later, 4 October 1947, Planck died in Gottingen, his grave was located in the old Stadtfriedhof, Gottingen.

Max Planc’s Grave

Those are the facts about Max Planck, Do you obsessed to read another topics?