10 Amazing Facts about Mathematics

Post On: July 30, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mathematics talk about the study about numbers. The term mathematics is taken from Greek word, mathema. It means learning, study or knowledge. The definition of mathematics is varied according to the philosophers and mathematicians. The mathematic proof is employed by the mathematicians to resolve truth. Learning mathematics is important in our life for it gives us prediction about nature. It has been used as a model for real phenomenon. Let us get other unique facts about mathematics below:

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 1: development of mathematics

The development of mathematics is noted from measurement, calculation, and counting. This field of study also focuses on the scientific study on the motions and shapes and physical objects.

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 2: in human civilization

The people have applied the practical mathematics since the antiquity.

Facts about Mathematics

Facts about Mathematics

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 3: the mathematical problems

It is not easy to solve mathematical problems. The mathematicians have to conduct years of research to solve it.

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 4: the slow development

Until the renaissance, mathematics only had a slow development. However, the rapid development has been spotted until today due to the interaction between mathematical innovation and scientific discoveries.

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Amazing Facts about Mathematics 5: the queen of the sciences

Mathematics was dubbed as the queen of the sciences by Carl Friedrick Gauss.

Mathematics Pic

Mathematics Pic

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 6: the importance of mathematics

Game theory and statistics were developed because of the applied mathematics.  Many fields of studies considered mathematics as an important subject. They include social sciences, finance, medicine, engineering, and natural sciences.

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Amazing Facts about Mathematics 7: Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem is an important topic in mathematics.  It was discovered by Pythagoras. He was the famous mathematician from Greece who lived circa 570 until circa 495 BC.

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 8: counting

The ancient people had developed the way to count the physical and abstract object. The latter one included years, season, days and time.

Mathematics Pic

Mathematics Pic

Amazing Facts about Mathematics 9: complex mathematics

In 3000 BC, the people started to employ the complex mathematics. Taxation was conducted by using geometry, algebra and arithmetic. It was used for measuring the land and trading in the earliest era.

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Amazing Facts about Mathematics 10: Babylonian mathematics

Division, multiplication, subtraction and addition were the elementary arithmetics of Babylonian mathematics traced from the archeological evidence. Rhind Mathematical Papyrus was one of the earliest examples of the first known written numerals.

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