10 Facts about Large Numbers

Post On: November 29, 2016
By: Agustina

A very large number that people hardly use in the daily life is explained on Facts about Large Numbers.  The common usage of large numbers is spotted in monetary transactions and simple counting. In most contexts, people apply the large numbers for the positive large numbers and positive integers. Let us check other interesting facts about large number by reading the below post.

Facts about Large Numbers 1: the field of sciences

If you think that large numbers are only spotted in the field of mathematics, you are wrong. You can also find them in other fields such as statistical mechanics, cryptography and cosmology.

Facts about Large Numbers 2: how to define the numbers

If you think that defining the large numbers is very difficult, you are wrong.  The people can handle it using the scientific notation.

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Facts about Large Numbers 3: how to write one billion

It will consume a lot of time, if you always write one billion or 1 000 000 000 using many zeros. Save the time by using the scientific notation of 1.0 x 109.  If you want to write down one billionth or .000 000 001, use the notation 1.0 x 10-9.

Facts about Large Numbers 4: the benefits of using the scientific notation

The scientific notation gives many benefits for the people who have to deal with large numbers.  They save the energy when writing the zero numbers. Moreover, you can avoid the hazard when counting a very large number.

Facts about Large Numbers 5: the large number in daily life

Actually several large numbers occur in our daily life. One of them is found in the hard disk capacity, the Avogadro constant, number of neuronal connections, and number of cells.

Facts about Large Numbers 6:  the usage of large numbers in cosmology and astronomy

The application of large numbers is also found in cosmology and astronomy. It is believed that the universe is 13.8 billion years old based on the Big Bang model. It equals with 4.355 × 1017 seconds.

Facts about Large Numbers 7: the observations using the Hubble telescope

The Hubble space telescope was used to make observations related to the number of galaxies. It contains 125 billion galaxies or 1.25 x 1011 galaxies.

Facts about Large Numbers 8: the stars in the universe

Can you count the number of stars in the universe? Based on Hubble space telescope, it has 5 × 1022 stars.

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Facts about Large Numbers 9:  the numbers of atoms in the universe

Based on the rough estimation, the number of atoms in the observable universe reaches 1080 atoms.

Facts about Large Numbers 10: Harvey Friedman

The works about very large number had been conducted by Harvey Friedman. He was a famous logician.

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