10 Facts about Lambeosaurus

Post On: November 23, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lambeosaurus will take us back to 75 million years ago when the genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur lived. They were found in North America during the Late Cretaceous period. You can differentiate the members of this genus with others by seeing on their distinctive feature. It has the unique hatchet-like hollow cranial crest. Check the detail post below if you want to know more about this bipedal herbivorous dinosaur.

Facts about Lambeosaurus 1: the possible species

Mexico, United States and Canada are the places where the possible species of Lambeosaurus have been found and named. However, the valid status is only given to the two species found in Canada.

lambeosaurus facts

lambeosaurus facts

Facts about Lambeosaurus 2: who described Lambeosaurus?

William Parks described Lambeosaurus in 1923. It was very late to publish description for Lawrence Lambe had created the first material about this genus 20 years before.

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Facts about Lambeosaurus 3: the taxonomy history

The taxonomic history of Lambeosaurus is a little bit complicated. Once, the species and genera of Lambeosaurus featured the small-bodied crested hadrosaurids. Today, the researchers realize that L. lambei had different sexual dimorphism and age, which affected the shape of their skull.

Facts about Lambeosaurus 4: the close relationship

Corythosaurus and Lambeosaurus have a close relationship. The former one is usually discovered on the older rocks than the latter.

facts about lambeosaurus

facts about lambeosaurus

Facts about Lambeosaurus 5: the crest

The distinctive crest is found on Lambeosaurus and Corythosaurus. Today, it is believed that the unusual crest is important in the social function. It would be used for recognition as well as noisemaking.

Facts about Lambeosaurus 6: the differences of crest

Even though Corythosaurus and Lambeosaurus have crest, this head adornment is not identical. The crest of the latter is shifted forward.

lambeosaurus pic

lambeosaurus pic

Facts about Lambeosaurus 7: the legs

Lambeosaurus was a bipedal dinosaur. It was capable for moving the two legs.

Facts about Lambeosaurus 8: the tail

Lambeosaurus had a tail. The function was to prevent the body from drooping. The ossified tendons comprised the long stiff tail.

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Facts about Lambeosaurus 9: the feet

There were only three central toes located at each foot.

lambeosaurus skull

lambeosaurus skull

Facts about Lambeosaurus 10: hatchet blade

The front of the eyes was projected by hatchet blade. It was divided in two sections. The hollow space was housed by the lower portion. The upper part would grow when the Lambeosaurus reached the adulthood.

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