10 Facts about Laura Pausini

Post On: December 7, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Laura Pausini inform us with the famous Italian pop singer. She was born on May 16th, 1974. Her father often performed in the local piano bars where the young Laura was encouraged to join him. The first recording contract for Pausini was after she followed singing competition. The debut single was Pausini, which made her gain prominence in 1993. During the 43rd Sanremo Music Festival, she earned the newcomer artists’ section. Find out other interesting facts about Pausini below:

Facts about Laura Pausini 1: the debut single

The debut single of Pausini is not only popular in Italy, but also in other countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.

Facts about Laura Pausini

Facts about Laura Pausini

Facts about Laura Pausini 2: the debut album

On 23rd April 1993, the debut album of Pausini was released in the market. She sold at least two million copies for the international public was in favor with her works.

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Facts about Laura Pausini 3: the follow-up album

In 1994, she released a follow up album with title Laura. It was sold more than 3 million copies globally.

Facts about Laura Pausini 4: the first Spanish language album

The title of her first Spanish language album was Laura Pausini in 1994. The Association of Phonographic and Videographic of Spain awarded her album with a diamond certification. In Spain, it was sold more than one million copies.

Laura Pausini Facts

Laura Pausini Facts

Facts about Laura Pausini 5: the number of albums

Pausini has 10 studio albums released in the market as of 2014. Most of her songs are composed in Italian and Spanish languages. Other songs are made in French, Catalan, Portuguese, and English.

Facts about Laura Pausini 6: failure

In 2002, Pausini released From the Inside. It is the only English album of Pausini.  It was not a successful album as people in North America did not accept it well.

Laura Pausini Pic

Laura Pausini Pic

Facts about Laura Pausini 7: the sales of Pausini’s record

The sales of Pausini’s records reached 70 million copies based on Fimi Certification.

Facts about Laura Pausini 8: the awards

Pausini gained the awards not only from her home country, Italy, but also from other countries. She had six World Music Awards, an MTV Italian Music Award, two “Lunezia Awards”, three Latin Grammy Awards, seven Telegatti and four awards at the Festivalbar.

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Facts about Laura Pausini 9: Escucha

Escucha is the famous records of Pausini, which earned her a Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album in 2006.

Laura Pausini Fame

Laura Pausini Fame

Facts about Laura Pausini 10: the birthplace of Pausini

The birthplace of Pausini was located in Faenza, Ravenna Province, Italy.

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