10 Facts about Lea Michele

Post On: December 14, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lea Michele inform the people with the notable American actress who raised to fame due to the Glee series. She was born on 29th August 1986. Her full name is Lea Michele Sarfati. She took part in Glee from 2009 until 2015 by portraying Rachel Berry. Due to her impressive acting in Glee, she earned three consecutive People’s Choice Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Satellite Award. She had been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award. Let’s get other interesting facts about Lea Michele below:

Facts about Lea Michele 1: Scream Queens

Michele has been seen in Screem Queens aired on Fox. In this horror comedy series, she plays Hester Ulrich.

Lea Michele and Glee

Lea Michele and Glee

Facts about Lea Michele 2: a child actor

Michele began her career as a child actress. She appeared in various Broadway productions such as Fiddler on the Roof, Ragtime and Les Misérables.

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Facts about Lea Michele 3: the film debut

Michele took part in New Year’s Eve in 2011. This romantic comedy marked her film debut.

Facts about Lea Michele 4: animated movie

Michele also provided voice for an animated movie entitled Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return in 2014.

Lea Michele Images

Lea Michele Images

Facts about Lea Michele 5: the music career

Michele started her music career after Columbia Records signed her in 2012. On 10th December 2013, she released “Cannonball” as her first single. On 4th March 2014, Louder was released as her debut album.

Facts about Lea Michele 6: as an author

On 20th May 2014, Brunette Ambition was released in the market. It is the first book written by Michele. People recognize her as an author too. The book is included in the Best Seller list of New York Times. On 22nd September 2015, You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life was launched as the follow-up book.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele

Facts about Lea Michele 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Michele was located in Bronx, New York. Her father is Mark David Sarfati. Her mother is Edith Thomasina. She is the only child in the family.

Facts about Lea Michele 8: home schooling

When Michele took part in the production of Ragtime, she was homeschooled in 1997.

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Facts about Lea Michele 9: the high school education

Michele was a member in the debate team, volleyball team and choir when she was educated at Tenafly High School.

Facts about Lea Michele

Facts about Lea Michele

Facts about Lea Michele 10: Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand is considered as an influential figure for Michele. She considers her a good role model.

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