10 Facts about Leopard Seals

Post On: December 28, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Leopard Seals will discuss about the second largest species, which inhabit the Antarctic. The first largest seal is the southern elephant seal. It has the biological name of Hydrurga leptonyx. People often call it sea leopard too. This species is the only member in the genus Hydrurga. It makes up the family Phocidae along with other earless seals.

Facts about Leopard Seals 1: the physical appearance

The physical appearance of leopard seals is characterized with the light grey tone on the belly, dark grey tone on the back and muscular body. The throat has the whitish color and black spots.

Leopard Seals Skull

Leopard Seals Skull

Facts about Leopard Seals 2: the male and female leopard seals

The body of male and female leopard seals is in different size. The males are slightly smaller than the females.

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Facts about Leopard Seals 3: the weight and length

Leopard seals have the weight of 440 to 1,320 lb or 200 to 600 kg. It has the overall length of 7.9 to 11.9 feet or 2.4 to 3.5 meter.

Facts about Leopard Seals 4: the front teeth

The front teeth of leopard seals are unique.  The leopard seals will be able to sieve the krill from the water easily because of the arrangement of the molars.

Facts about Leopard Seals

Facts about Leopard Seals

Facts about Leopard Seals 5: where to find leopard seals?

You can find leopard seals living around the Antarctic continent. They love the cold water. The habitat of leopard seals is restricted in the icy region.

Facts about Leopard Seals 6: the population

Most population of leopard seals is found around the Western Antarctic. They are considered as solitary animals.

Leopard Seals

Leopard Seals

Facts about Leopard Seals 7: the loud calls

Leopard seals are known due to their amazing loud calls. During the austral summer, their loud calls are very vocal under the water.

Facts about Leopard Seals 8: the age

The age will affect the variants of calls produced by leopard seals. The adult male seals only have few calls. The different calls are spotted on the younger male seals.

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Facts about Leopard Seals 9: the reproduction

During the austral summer, the female leopard seals will deliver a single pup. It will live with their mother until the pup is big enough to hunt for itself.

Leopard Seal

Leopard Seal

Facts about Leopard Seals 10: the top predator

In the list of the top predators in Antarctica, leopard seal takes the second place after killer whale. The teeth are like the carnivorous animals.

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