10 Facts about Lice

Post On: January 8, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lice inform us with an animal, which causes the pediculosis capitis, or head lice infestation. This obligate ectoparasite of humans is called as head louse. It has the scientific name of pediculus humanus capitis. The human blood is the primary diet of lice. Therefore, they will live their entire life on the human scalp. This specific wingless insect is known for being the parasite of human being. Pediculus schaeffi is considered as a close relation of this head lice but it becomes the parasite of chimpanzees.

Facts about Lice 1: the differences of lice with other hematophagic ectoparasites

The head lice are very different from hematophagic ectoparasites.  The head lice have some incapability such as walking on a flat surface and jumping due to the short stumpy legs. Moreover, they cannot fly.

Facts about Lice

Facts about Lice

Facts about Lice 2: the head louse and body louse

The body louse or Pediculus humanus humanus is different from the head louse. The former one carries disease, while the latter one does not carry diseases. The body louse prefers to have their eggs located on the clothing rather than on the head scalp.

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Facts about Lice 3: lice on children

Head lice are common on children. There is no need to wonder that a number of eradication campaigns have been applied to remove the head lice.

Facts about Lice 4: contamination of head lice

The probability of being infested by the head lice is bigger after it contaminates you more than 24 hours if you do not use any lice shampoo. Thus, you should be quarantined.



Facts about Lice 5: the harmless head lice

The infection of head lice is not included as a medical problem. It is a cosmetic problem for the head lice are harmless.

Facts about Lice 6: the natural immune response

The natural immune response of human being is believed to improve after being infested by head lice. It enables them to face lice that are more dangerous.

Lice Pic

Lice Pic

Facts about Lice 7: the size of adult head lice

The length of adult head lice is around 2.5 to 3 mm. In general, they have grey body color. The body turns a little redder after consuming human blood.

Facts about Lice 8: the body parts

Head lice own a pair of eyes and a pair of antennae.

Facts about Lice 9: the male and female head lice

The body of female head lice is bigger than that of the male counterpart. However, the front two legs of males are bigger.

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Lice Facts

Lice Facts

Facts about Lice 10: the reproduction

There will be 3 to 4 eggs produced every single day by female head lice.

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