10 Facts about Lightning Safety

Post On: January 21, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lightning Safety will tell the readers about the safety system to avoid the lightning strike. The most common types of lightning are the CC or cloud to cloud and IC or intra cloud lightning. The less common one is the GC or ground to cloud lightning. The diameter of a strike is around one inch. However, it appears larger in the photos. The length of lightning discharges may reach miles. The length of a horizontal discharge may reach 10 miles. Get other interesting facts about lightning safety below:

Facts about Lightning Safety 1: the lightning protection system

The impact of lightning is severe for it may damage the properties or even kill human being. There is no need to wonder that the lightning protection system appears as the one of the important industries in the world.

Facts about Lightning Safety

Facts about Lightning Safety

Facts about Lightning Safety 2: the impact of lightning

The lightning may bring the direct impact or secondary impact. The order of magnitude determines the level of lightning.

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Facts about Lightning Safety 3: the types of impact

It is hard to define the level of impact of a lightning since the lightning event is varied.

Facts about Lightning Safety 4: the physical structures

The physical structures are mostly protected by the lightning protection systems and devices. However, it is not easy to protect the aircraft in the flight.

Lightning Safety Facts

Lightning Safety Facts

Facts about Lightning Safety 5: the types of lighting protection systems and devices

The lighting protection system and devices have been produced to reduce the impact of lightning damages such as charge transfer systems and lightning rods.

Facts about Lightning Safety 6: lightning rod

The lightning rod is one of the most prominent lightning protection devices. If there is a lightning, which hits the structure, it will be directed to the ground due to the presence of a metal rod linked with the earth by using a grounding system or a conductor.

Lightning Safety System

Lightning Safety System

Facts about Lightning Safety 7: Franklin rod

The lightning rod is often called as the Franklin rod to honor Benjamin Franklin. He took the credit as the inventor of this rod. Some people simply call it as a metal rod.

Facts about Lightning Safety 8: other names of a lightning rod

The lightning rod also has other names like discharger, arrester and lightning conductor.

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Facts about Lightning Safety 9: the construction of modern arrester

Metal oxides are used to produce the modern arrester. On the other hand, a lightning arrester is called as an early product of SPD or surge protection device.

Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety

Facts about Lightning Safety 10: the probability of lightning strike

It is possible for the people to get the information about the probability of lightning strike even though it is hard for us to predict the exact location of the strike.

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