10 Facts about Luigi Galvani

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Have you realized the person who had discovered animal electricity? He is Luigi Aloisio Galvani. He was born September 9th, 1773 and died on December 4th, 1798. The following article will elaborate Facts about Luigi Galvani.  His study of bioelectricity began after he realized an electrical spark after seeing twitched legs of dead frogs in 1780.  It inspired him to study more about the electrical signals and patterns on tissues.

Facts about Luigi Galvani 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Galvani was located in Bologna, Papal State. His parents were Domenico and Barbara Foschi.

Facts about Luigi Galvani 2: the father of Luigi

Luigi’s father worked as a goldsmith.  His mother, Barbara was the fourth wife of his father. The family was capable for educating the son on the university despite the non-aristocratic nature of the family.

facts about Luigi Galvani

facts about Luigi Galvani

Facts about Luigi Galvani 3: entering the church

Luigi was enrolled to Oratorio dei Padri Filippini when he was 15. He was interested to join the church. His parents convinced him not to take religious vows.

Facts about Luigi Galvani 4: the college period

Luigi attended the Faculty of the Arts of the University of Bologna in 1755. For the last four years, he ended up studying medicine by reading various texts and books from Avicenna, Galen and Hippocrates.

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Facts about Luigi Galvani 5: surgery

Surgery was one of the medicine courses that Luigi learned. He studied the practice and theory of surgery. This background was helpful in the latter period when he had experiment with animals.

Luigi Galvani Statue

Luigi Galvani Statue

Facts about Luigi Galvani 6: graduation

Luigi earned his degrees in philosophy and medicine in 1759. He had to defend his thesis to become a lecturer in the university. Eventually, he earned a position as a permanent anatomist in 1762.

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Facts about Luigi Galvani 7: personal life

Luigi and Lucia Galeazzi married in 1762. His wife was the daughter of Gusmano Galeazzi, Luigi’s professor. After the marriage, he lived in Galeazzi house where he assisted the research of Gusmano.

Facts about Luigi Galvani 8: animal electricity

The field, which interested him the most, was animal electricity.  He conducted experiment and research about it until his death.

Luigi Galvani

Luigi Galvani

Facts about Luigi Galvani 9:  the death

On December 4th, 1798 Luigi passed away in the house of his brother in Bologna. His latter life was poor for he was banished from his public and academic position due to his objection to swear loyalty to the new authority.

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Facts about Luigi Galvani 10: legacy

The moon has a crated named after him, Galvani. Some specialized terms are taken from his name such as galvanic corrosion, galvanic potential, and galvanic cell.

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