10 Facts about Lutheranism

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Find the complete information about a major branch of Protestant Christianity on Facts about Lutheranism. Martin Luther is prominent figure in Lutheranism for he established the theory applied in this branch. Luther lived in 1483 until 1546. He was known as a German theologian, ecclesiastical reformer and friar. During his life, the Holy Roman Empire controlled the German speaking territories. Thus, he launched Protestant Reformation to reform the practice and theology of Catholic Church. Let me show you other facts about Lutheranism by reading the following post below:

Facts about Lutheranism 1: Ninety-Five Theses

The international distribution of Luther’s writing took place when he published the Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. He highlighted the ideas for reformation. The Holy Roman Empire and Roman Curia were not capable to control the influence of his writings.

Facts about Lutheranism 2: the public split

The 1521 Edict of Worms marked the public split between Catholics and Lutherans. Luther was condemned with his Reformation according to the edicts of Diet.

Facts about Lutheranism

Facts about Lutheranism

Facts about Lutheranism 3: the doctrine of justification

The doctrine of justification is considered as the primary issue in Lutheranism. All matters of faith should be related only to the scriptures. On the other hand, the Catholic Church employs the Scriptures and Tradition as their primary authority.

Facts about Lutheranism 4: Holy Roman Emperor

Holy Roman Emperor was Charles V who was presented by the Lutherans about Augsburg Confession.

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Facts about Lutheranism 5: the differences of Lutheranism and Calvinism

Lutheranism is different from Calvinism. The sacramental teachings and liturgical practices are still employed by Lutherans.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther

Facts about Lutheranism 6: the number of adherent

Can you count the number of Lutheran adherents? It reaches 80 millions. Thus, Lutheranism is called as one of the major Protestant denominations in the world. It takes the third place as the most common denomination of Protestantism. The first two ones are Pentecostal and Anglicanism.

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Facts about Lutheranism 7: the largest communion

The largest communion of Lutheran churches is Lutheran World federation. It has at least 72 million adherents.

Facts about Lutheranism 8: Lutheran organizations

Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference and International Lutheran Council are the two prominent Lutheran organizations in the world.

Lutheranism Facts

Lutheranism Facts

Facts about Lutheranism 9: the spread of Lutheranism

In 16th century, Lutheranism spread to all parts of Scandinavia. It was adopted by monarch of Sweden and monarch of Denmark-Norway. It also spread to Latvia and Estonia via Swedish and Baltic-German rule.

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Facts about Lutheranism 10: the regular Lutheran service

Copenhagen has been the host for the regular Lutheran service since 1520.

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