10 Facts about Luttrell Psalter

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Look at Facts about Luttrell Psalter to inform you with the notable illuminated Psalter. Sir Geoffrey Luttrell commissioned the creation. That is why it earns the name as Luttrell Psalter. The artists and scribes who wrote and illustrated Luttrell Psalter were anonymous. It was made circa 1320 until 1340. Geoffrey was known as a lord of Irnham manor in Lincolnshire.

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 1: the content

Have you ever seen Luttrell Psalter before? It contains psalms, an antiphon for the dead, a calendar, the Mass and canticles.  The degree of illumination on the Psalter is varied.

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 2:  the decoration

Luttrell Psalter is beautiful for it is decorated with marginal pictures and decorative texts taken from the Bible and saints.

Facts about Luttrell Psalter

Facts about Luttrell Psalter

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 3: the rural life

Luttrell Psalter also contains the depiction of rural life during the medieval era. You will know the daily life of the people in the Medieval England through the Luttrell Psalter.

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 4: British Museum

In 1929, British Museum purchased Luttrell Psalter from the wife of the famous poet, Alfred Noyes. Her name is Mary Angela Noyes. The price was £31,500. J. P. Morgan was the famous American millionaire and art collector who gave the British museum an interest-free loan.

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Facts about Luttrell Psalter 5: the display

If you are interested to view Luttrell Psalter closely, you can visit British Library, London.  It has been a collection of the library after British Museum and Library split.

Luttrell Psalter Facts

Luttrell Psalter Facts

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 6: the purpose of Luttrell Psalter creation

What is the objective of creating Luttrell Psalter? Luttrell had the intention to write down all his actions before he died. He was a rich landowner. He believed that his death was coming. His intention to create the Psalter was narrated in the colophon.

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Facts about Luttrell Psalter 7: his will

The Psalter also contained his will. If he died, he wanted mass recitation by 20 chaplains for a five-year period.

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 8: Luttrell portrait

At the final page of Psalm 109, you will spot Luttrell portrait. He wore extravagant attire. He was on a warhorse and fully armed.

Luttrell Psalter

Luttrell Psalter

Facts about Luttrell Psalter 9: the status

Luttrell’s extravagant portrait highlights his knightly and wealthy status.

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Facts about Luttrell Psalter 10: the artists

The artists who composed the Psalter are not known. The decorator is used to call the First Luttrell Artist. The Colourist is used to call the Second Luttrell Artist. The third and fourth are called The Illustrator and the Luttrell Master. All of them have different styles and techniques.

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