10 Facts about Maniac Magee

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Check Facts about Maniac Magee if you want to know a novel by Jerry Spinelli.  This American author had his novel published in 1990. The setting in Maniac Magee is fictional. It is set in Two Mills of Pennsylvania. The story revolves around an orphan boy who looks for his home in Two Mills. The major themes in Maniac Magee are homelessness and racism. Let us find out other details about Maniac Magee below:

Facts about Maniac Magee 1: the local legend

It was narrated that this orphan boy appeared as a local legend. He ignored the racism, which took place in Two Mills. Moreover, he was known by the locals due to his fearlessness and athleticism.

Facts about Maniac Magee 2: the importance of Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee is considered as an important literary work. In 2003, the novel was adapted into a movie. The students in elementary school also read it as a part of the curricula. The relationship of kids to racial identity in Maniac Magee has been used as a topic in a number of studies.

Facts about Maniac Magee

Facts about Maniac Magee

Facts about Maniac Magee 3: the primary character

The primary character is Jeffrey Lionel “Maniac” Magee.  Do you know that he is allergic to pizza? His athletic ability is impressive for he likes to run everywhere he goes. He is known as a local legend after trying to search his home.

Facts about Maniac Magee 4: ignorance to racism

Jeffrey Lionel ignored the racial difference between the East End and West End since he crossed the barrier.

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Facts about Maniac Magee 5: the feats

The feats of Jeffrey Lionel impressed the locals. One of his amazing feats is when he runs for a long period.

Maniac Magee Facts

Maniac Magee Facts

Facts about Maniac Magee 6: other characters

Other characters in Maniac Magee include Amanda Beale, Hester and Lester, Mars Bar Thompson, Piper and Russell McNab, and John McNab.

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Facts about Maniac Magee 7: Amanda Beale

When Jeffrey was in Two Mills, the first person that he met was Jeffrey. Hester and Lester were the younger siblings of Amanda.

Facts about Maniac Magee 8: reception

Maniac Magee was praised by the critics after its first publication. The novel explores a number of topics such as illiteracy, racial prejudice and homelessness.

Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee

Facts about Maniac Magee 9: racism

It is not prevalent to have novels with racism as the main theme for middle readers. However, Spinelli made it possible.

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Facts about Maniac Magee 10: awards and honors

Maniac Magee earned a number of honors and awards. In 1992, it obtained Rhode Island Children’s Book Award, Flicker Tale Award, Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award, and Charlotte Award.

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