10 Facts about Mantle

Post On: May 14, 2017
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Facts about Mantle talk about a layer, which can be found on earth and other terrestrial planets. The location of mantle is around the core of earth. The formation of mantle will take place as long as the planetary body is big enough. The terrestrial planets, which have mantle, include Mercury, Mars, Venus and earth. The mantle created from silicate rock is spotted on Vesta, Europa and lo. Other astronomical bodies like Triton, Titan, Callisto and Ganymede are reported to have a mantle created from ice. Let us get other interesting facts about mantle below:

Facts about Mantle 1: the mechanical properties

The composition of mantle and crust is different. Therefore, the mechanical properties of both are also different.

Facts about Mantle 2: the differences of mantle and crust

The seismic characteristics, rheology, rock types and chemistry are the factors, which differentiate the crust and mantle.

Facts about Mantle

Facts about Mantle

Facts about Mantle 3: the mantle rocks

The magnesium to iron ratio is higher in typical mantle rocks. On the other hand, the crust has smaller amount of aluminum and silicon.

Facts about Mantle 4: the components of mantle rocks

Garnet, spinel-structure minerals, pyroxenes and olivine are the components of mantle rocks located with the depth shallower than 250 miles or 410 kilometers.

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Facts about Mantle 5: the high-pressure polymorphs

The high pressure polymorphs are found at the mantle rocks located with the depth of 250 miles or 400 kilometers to 400 miles or 650 kilometers.

Mantle Facts

Mantle Facts

Facts about Mantle 6: the minerals

The high amount of mineral found on the mantle with the depth at 400 miles or 650 kilometers is silicate perovskites.

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Facts about Mantle 7: the seismic records

The seismic records on the interior of earth will have different signs when changes in mineralogy takes place around 250 and 400 miles.

Facts about Mantle 8: mantle exploration

The scientists are interested to do mantle exploration.  They will conduct it on the seabed.



Facts about Mantle 9: Project Mohole

Project Mohole is considered as the first attempt to explore mantle. Due to the high cost and repeated failure, the project was neglected in 1966.

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Facts about Mantle 10: the deepest penetration

The scientists can only explore the mantle with the depth of 590 feet or 180 metres.

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