10 Facts about Magnetism

Post On: April 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Physics is an interesting subject for some people. It covers wide arrays of topics. One of them is magnetism. It is included as a physical phenomenon. The ferromagnetic materials can be used to produce magnetic fields and turn into a permanent magnet. The prevalent ferromagnetic materials include cobalt, nickel, iron and their alloys. If you are curious to find out more facts about magnetism, check the following post:

Facts about Magnetism 1: the first observance of magnetic

Lodestone was considered as the first object observed with permanent magnetism. It contained Fe3O4 or magnetite.

Facts about Magnetism 2: the effects of magnetism

Most effects of magnetism spotted in our daily life are always associated with ferromagnetism. Actually, other types of magnets and a magnetic field also produce the effects.

Facts about Magnetism

Facts about Magnetism

Facts about Magnetism 3: the relationship with magnetic field

The complex relationship is spotted on the antiferromagentic materials and magnetic field. Spin glasses and chromium are the antiferromagentis materials. The weakly repelled materials include diamagnetic materials like carbon and copper. Oxygen and aluminum are included as paramagnetic materials, which have weak attraction to a magnetic field.

Facts about Magnetism 4: laboratory instruments

The laboratory instruments will be used to detect the force of a magnet toward the antiferromagentic, diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials. All of them usually are included as non-magnetic materials in our daily life.

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Facts about Magnetism 5: the variables

The variables such as applied magnetic field, pressure and temperature will determine the magnetic phase or magnetic state of an element. When the variables are altered, a material may have more than one form of magnetism.

Magnetism Facts

Magnetism Facts

Facts about Magnetism 6: the discovery of magnetism

The discovery of magnetism could be traced back since the ancient period. At that time, lodestone was identified due to its ability to attract iron. Lodestone is considered as the natural magnetized pieces of magnetite.

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Facts about Magnetism 7: the term magnet

The term magnet is taken from the Greek word of magnítis líthos. It was used to call the lodestone. The meaning is a tone of Magnesia.

Facts about Magnetism 8: surgical purpose

Magnet was applied for surgical purpose by Sushruta in ancient India. He was an Indian surgeon.



Facts about Magnetism 9: The Master of Demon Valley

The Master of Demon Valley was an ancient Chinese book written in the fourth century, which referred magnetism for the first time.

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Facts about Magnetism 10: navigation

Lodestone was used in the navigation compass in the 12th century by the Chinese people.

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