10 Facts about Marilyn Monroe

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Facts about Marilyn Monroe present the information about a notable American actress and model. She was known as a popular sex symbol in the Hollywood film industries in 1950s. Her famous character was a dumb blond. She was born on 1 June 1926 and died on 5 August 1962. Her birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. Let us check the interesting facts about Monroe below:

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 1: death

The death of Monroe in 1962 was unexpected.  She was a popular and a successful actress during her life. Her movies had grossed $200 million.

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Monroe was located in Los Angeles. At the age of 16, Monroe had married. During her early life, she had to live one from foster home to another one. She also had to spend the life in an orphanage.

Facts about Marilyn Monroe

Facts about Marilyn Monroe

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 3: a modeling career

Monroe began her career as a model after she was discovered by a photographer from First Motion Picture Unit.

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 4: a short-lived film contracts

In 1946 until 1947, Twentieth Century-Fox signed her for short-lived film contracts. In 1948, she secured the contract film with Columbia Pictures.

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Facts about Marilyn Monroe 5: a new contract

In 1951, Fox signed her with a new contract for minor film roles. Then she appeared as a popular actress in a number of comedies for the following two years. Her comedic and dramatic appearance was spotted in Don’t Bother to Knock, Clash by Night, Monkey Business and As Young as You Feel.

Marilyn Monroe Infant

Marilyn Monroe Infant

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 6: nude photos

A scandal related to her nude photos before she was popular led her into greater popularity. It did not damage her career.

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Facts about Marilyn Monroe 7: the prominent movies

Three major movies of Monroe include Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Niagara and How to Marry a Millionaire. She depicted a dumb blond in the latter and former movies. In Niagara, she presented the sex appeal.

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 8: a film production

Monroe established MMP or Marilyn Monroe Productions in the end of 1954.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Facts about Marilyn Monroe 9: personal life

People were interested with her professional and personal life.  The media were focused more on her personal life. The private life of Monroe was troubled. She had married three times. The two notable marriages were with Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. All marriages ended in divorce.

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Facts about Marilyn Monroe 10: death

It was believed that Monroe died because of probable suicide. However, the death of Monroe was associated with a number of conspiracy theories.

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