10 Facts about Marines

Post On: June 2, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Marines inform us with the United States marines. The official name is USMC, which stands for United States Marine Corps. The United States Department of Defense has four armed services. One of them is the Marine Corps. A Marine Corps general is considered as the highest-ranking military officer in the Armed forces of United States who serves as the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Why don’t you check the below post for details about marines:

Facts about Marines 1: the establishment of Marine Corps

Since June 30th, 1834, Marine Corps has been a part of Department of Navy in United States. It collaborates with other naval forces for logistics, transportation and training.

Facts about Marines 2: the operation

The operation of US marines is located in many parts of the land. They cover the abroad sea and land areas.

Marines Facts

Marines Facts

Facts about Marines 3: the aircrafts

Other marines are spotted in the aircraft carriers too.  The practical aviation squadron of marine is available.

Facts about Marines 4: the continental marines

The formation of two battalion of continental marine took place in Philadelphia on November 10, 1775. The members of battalions were capable to fight on shore and on sea to take over the independence.

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Facts about Marines 5: the role

Over the years, the marines have expanded roles and functions.  It is often called as the second land army in United States. It also earns the title as the third air force in America.  The marine also involves in the aerial warfare.



Facts about Marines 6: the services

Marines have participated in many major armed conflicts and wars. During the Second World War 2, it applied the amphibious warfare in the pacific.

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Facts about Marines 7: amphibious warfare

Amphibious warfare played an important role in the marine in the beginning of 20th century.

Facts about Marines 8: the active duty members

The active duty members of marines as of 2016 reach 182,000 individuals.  They also have around 38,500 reserve marines.

Facts about Marines

Facts about Marines

Facts about Marines 9: the uniform

The most recognizable uniform of American military is taken by the Marine Corps. Since 19th century, the marines have worn Blue Dress. The service and formal uniforms do not feature any nametags or unit patches.

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Facts about Marines 10: The Marines’ Hymn

The oldest official song in the armed forces of United States is taken by the Hymn of the marines for it was originated in 19th century.

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