10 Facts about Mangal Pandey

Post On: May 10, 2017
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Facts about Mangal Pandey will make you learn more about the life of an Indian soldier considered as a hero in modern India. However, he was considered as a mutineer and traitor by the contemporary British opinion. He was a sipahi or sepoy in British East Indian Company for the 34th Bengal Native Infantry Regiment. He played a prominent role in the events, which led into the outbreak of Indian Rebellion in 1857. Let us find out other interesting facts about Mangal Pandey below:

Facts about Mangal Pandey 1: a postage stamp

A postage stamp was released by the Indian government to honor Pandey in 1984.

Facts about Mangal Pandey 2: the portrayal

There are a number of cinematic productions, which portrayed Pandey’s life and brave actions.

Facts about Mangal Pandey

Facts about Mangal Pandey

Facts about Mangal Pandey 3: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Pandey was located in Nagwa.  The village was located upper Ballia district. Now it is a part of Uttar Pradesh.

Facts about Mangal Pandey 4: as an Indian soldier

In 1849, he became a soldier in East India Company. People began to recognize him due to his attack on some British officers.

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Facts about Mangal Pandey 5: Lieutenant Baugh

Lieutenant Baugh was informed that Mangal Pandey tried to rebel and threatened the Europeans with his loaded musket on March 29th, 1857. Baugh who rode his horse was fallen down because the missed bullet that Pandey fired to him struck his horse.

Mangal Pandey Facts

Mangal Pandey Facts

Facts about Mangal Pandey 6: the aftermath of the event

The dispute between Baugh and Pandey ended after Baugh’s shoulder and neck were slashed by Pandey using a heavy Indian sword called talwar.

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Facts about Mangal Pandey 7: arrest

Pandey was arrested under the order of Jemadar Ishwari Prasad. He was an Indian officer.

Facts about Mangal Pandey 8: the death sentence

Pandey received the death sentence. He would be executed on April 18th. However, he earned the death sentence earlier 10 days before the schedule.

Mangal Pandey Images

Mangal Pandey Images

Facts about Mangal Pandey 9: the disbandment

The collective punishment also took place. On 6 May, the regiment was disbanded.

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Facts about Mangal Pandey 10: different point of views

The action of Pandey is viewed differently. Due to his rebellious mutiny, a term Pandy was coined in English language. However, his action is heroic according to Indians.

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