10 Facts about Martinique

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Facts about Martinique tell the readers about a region situated in France. It is a home for 385,551 people in 2013. The location of this insular region is at the eastern Caribbean Sea in Lesser Antilles. It only has one overseas department just like Guadeloupe. Euro is the official currency of Martinique because it is a member of European Union. French is the official language of Martinique. Antillean Creole is also spoken by the entire population of Martinique. Here are other interesting facts about Martinique to notice:

Facts about Martinique 1: the flora

Martinique has dense forest, which consists of various species such as locust, rosewood, mahogany, and bamboo. Rainfall is common in the forest at the northern part. The southern part is mostly inhabited by logwood, copaiba balsam, cacti and acacia.

Facts about Martinique 2: the native fauna

The native fauna in Martinique includes fer-de-lance snakes and anolis lizards. The snake population was attempted to control by the people by introducing Herpestes auropunctatus or mongooses in 1800s.

Facts about Martinique

Facts about Martinique

Facts about Martinique 3: the total GDP

Can you guess the total GDP of Martinique? It has 5.496 billion Euros in 2003.  It has the per capita GDP of 14,283 Euros in 2000.

Facts about Martinique 4: the sources of economy

Almost 82.2 percent of GDP is from the service. Agriculture represents 3.5 percent of GDP. The 8.6 percent is from the industry.

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Facts about Martinique 5: export

The main goods exported by Martinique include petroleum products, beverages and fruit. The worth reached 26 million Euros in 2002.

Martinique Facts

Martinique Facts

Facts about Martinique 6: the import

The goods imported by Martinique included medicine, furniture, vehicles, and raw petroleum. It cost 486 million Euros.

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Facts about Martinique 7: agriculture

In the past, agriculture was the primary source of economy in Martinique. Over the years, the production of sugar was reduced. The production of rum is more important in the sugarcane industry.

Facts about Martinique 8: banana

Banana is one of the major exported goods from Martinique. Most banana production was exported for France.



Facts about Martinique 9: foreign exchange

The primary source of foreign exchange is mainly from tourism. It occupied 7 percent of the total employment in the country. It became a home for 500,000 tourists in 2000.

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Facts about Martinique 10: the tourist-related service

The tourist-related service accounts for 16 percent of the total businesses. Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport is the only airport for those who want to reach the island.

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