10 Facts about Marseille France

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Facts about Marseille France tell us about a wonderful city in France. In 2012, it was occupied by 852,516 people. It is the second largest city in France. The first one is taken by Paris, the capital of France. It spans on the area of 93 square miles or 241 kilometer square. During the ancient period, the Romans and Greek called it Massalia. In French Republic, it appeared as a primary commercial port. Moreover, it became the center of trade. Let me show you other details about Marseille, France by reading the following post below:

Facts about Marseille France 1: in 2013

In 2013, Marseille was entitled as the European Capital of Culture. The port of Marseille is noted for its cruise ships, freight ships and commerce.

Facts about Marseille France 2: in 2016 and 2017

In 2017, it was selected as the European Capital of Sport. In 2016, the European Football Championship was held in the city.

Facts about Marseille France

Facts about Marseille France

Facts about Marseille France 3: climate

The climate in Marseille is characterized by dry summer season and mild winter. The coldest months are in December, January and February. The hottest months in the city are in July and August.

Facts about Marseille France 4: economy

The economy of Marseille is growing. The high-tech economy is the current trend in the city today.

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Facts about Marseille France 5: companies

You can find thousands of companies in Marseille. Most of them are the companies, which own less than 500 workers. They are included from small to medium companies.

Marseille France

Marseille France

Facts about Marseille France 6: the most notable companies

Azur Promotel, CMA CGM, La Provence, Compagnie maritime d’expertises, and SNCM are the major companies housed in Marseille.

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Facts about Marseille France 7: the cruise ships

The port of Marseille is very important in the development of tourism. Millions of people arrive in the city from their cruise ships landed at the port.

Facts about Marseille France 8: an incredible city

Marseille has many places to explore by the tourists. In 2012, Marseille handled 4.1 visitors. It is a home for 42 theatres and 24 museums.  The primary attractions are related to culture, architecture, history and beaches.



Facts about Marseille France 9: a tarot deck

Tarot de Marseille is considered as the most prevalent tarot deck used by the people.

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Facts about Marseille France 10: festivals and events

Marseille hosts various festivals and events. In June, you enjoy Fête du Panier. Free concerts are also launched in the city.

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