10 Facts about Metz French

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Do you know the fun facts about Metz? Metz is a city in northeast France located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers. Please read the description below to know more about the facts of Metz.

Facts 1 : General Information

The government major (2014-2020) is Dominique Gros. The size of the area is 41.94 Km2. The population reaches 116,429 people, with density, 2,800/Km2. Metz is the prefecture of the parliament of the Grand Est region. Located near the tripoint along the junction of France, Germany and Luxembourg.

Facts 2 : The Etymology of Metz

After the interrogation into the Roman Empire, the city was called “Divodurum Mediomatricum”. It means Holy Village or Holy Fortress of the Mediomatrici, then it was known as Mediomatirx.

Metz, France

Facts 3 : The History of Metz

Before the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar in 52 BC, it was the oppidum of the Celtic Mediomatrici tribe. Integrated into the principal towns of Gaul with a population 40,000, until the barbarian depredations and its transfer to the Franks about the end of the 5th century. In 843, Metz became the capital of the Kingdom of Lotharingia. Amazingly, Metz decided to be the capital of the newly created Lorraine region. The city has become central to the Greater Region and the SaarLorlux Euroregion.

Facts 4 : Geography

Metz is located near to the Schengen tripoint where the borders of France, Germany, and Luxembourg meet.

The area of Metz forms part of the Paris Basin and present a plate relief cut by river valleys presenting cuestas in the north-south direction.

Facts 5 : Climate

The climate there is a semi-continental climate. The summers are warm and humid, sometimes stormy, and the warmest month of the year is July.

Facts 6 : Population

The indigenous people called Messin. The French national census of 2012 estimated the population of Metz to be 119,551, while the population of Metz urban agglomeration was about 389,851.

Facts 7 : Notable People

The well-known people that derive from that city is including a composer Ambroise Thomas, and Mathematician Jean-Victor Poncelet.

Facts about Metz 8: Cityscape

The majority architectural there contains a mishmash of architectural layers, bearing witness to centuries of history at the crossroads of different cultures, and features a number of architectural landmark. The city is widely known for its yellow limestone.

Facts 9 : Economy

Metz is home to the Moselle Chamber of Commerce. International companies such as PSA Peugeot Citroen, ArcelorMittal, SFR, and TDF. In additional, Metz also the regional headquarters if the Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire banking groups.

Metz, France

Facts about Metz 10: Museum and Exhibition Halls

The Centre Pompidou-Metz is the largest temporary exhibition area in France outside Paris. The museum features exhibitions from the extensive from the extensive collection of the Centre Pompidou. Saint Stephen’s Cathedral is the Gothic cathedral of the city built during the 13th century. The cathedral exhibits the collection of the bisphoric of Metz, including paraments and items used in the service of the Eucharist.

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