10 Interesting Facts about Miami Florida

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10 interesting facts about Miami Florida will inform you about the less-known information about the Miami Florida. The City of Miami, is the seat of Miami-dade county, and the cultural, economic and financial centre of Florida in the United States. The city covers an area of about 56 square miles between the Everglades to the west and Biscayne bay to the east. Here are the other pieces of information about the Miami Florida.

Facts 1 : The History of Miami

The Native American tribe occupied the Miami region approximately 2,000 years before contact with Europeans. People believe that the entire tribe migrated to Cuba by the mid-1700s.

After the Fidel Castro rose to power in Cuba following the revolution in 1959, many wealthy Cubans sought refuge in Miami, further increasing the city’s population.

Facts 2 : The Geography of Miami

Miami and its suburbs are located on a broad plain between the Everglades to the west and biscayne bay to the east, which extends from lake okeechobee southward to Florida Bay.

10 Amazing facts about Miami Florida

Facts 3 : The Geology of Miami Florida

The surface bedrock under the Miami area named Miami Oolite or Miami limestone. The bedrock is covered by a thin layer of soil, and is no more than 50 feet thick.

Facts 4 : Cityscape of Miami

Miami split roughly into north, south, west and downtown areas. The centre of the city called Downtown Miami, which is on the eastern side and includes the neighborhoods of Brickell, Virginia Key, Watson island, as well as Protmiami. The Downtown Miami is s Florida’s largest and most influential central business district, with many major banks, courthouses, financial headquarters, cultural and tourist attractions, schools, parks and a large residential population.

Facts 5 : The Climate in Miami Florida

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with marked drier season in the winter. The average winter high temperatures, form December to march, range from 76.4-80.30F. january is the coolest month with an average daily of temperature of 68.20F

Facts 6 : Demographics of Miami Florida

Interestingly, Miami is the 42nd-most populous city in the United States. Even in the Miami metropolitan area, however, which includes Miami-dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, had a combined population of more than 5.5 million people, ranked seventh largest in the United States, and is the largest in the southeastern United States.

10 Amazing facts about Miami Florida

Facts 7 : Race of Miami Florida

Miami has a minority-majority population, as a non-hispanic whites comprises less than half of the population.

Facts 8 : The Religion of Miami Florida

Christian is the majority religion in Miami, it is almost 70% of the total population in Miami

Facts 9 : The languages that Used in Miami Florida

Amazingly, as of 2016, a total of 73% of Miami’s population spoke Spanish.

10 Amazing facts about Miami Florida

Facts 10 : The Education in Miami Florida

As of 2010, 80% of people over age 25 were a high school graduate or higher. 27.3% of people in Miami had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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