10 Facts about Marrakech

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Facts about Marrakech will talk about an impressive city located in Kingdom of Morocco. The city is the capital Marrakesh-Safi. In Morocco, it takes the title as the fourth largest city. The Moroccan Berber empires established Marrakech along with other three former imperial cities. Since the Neolithic times, the Berber farmers had occupied it. Abu Bakr ibn Umar was cited as the founder of the actual city of Marrakech. He was the cousin of Yusuf ibn Tashfin, the Almoravid King. Let us get other interesting facts about Marrakech below:

Facts about Marrakech 1: the buildings in 12th century

Marrakech featured many mosques and Koranic schools in 12th century influenced by the Andalusia style.

Facts about Marrakech 2: red sandstone

Red sandstone was the popular material to construct buildings in 12th century. In 1122-1123, Ali ibn Yusuf established the red walls of Marrakech. Other buildings also featured the same red sandstone. Thus, Marrakech is often nicknamed as Ochre City or Red City.

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Facts about Marrakech 3: the growth of Marrakech

Marrakech appeared as one of the important cities in Morocco and Africa. It has been developed for time to time. In the continent, Marrakech is called as the busiest square. It became a trading center for the people from sub-Saharan Africa and Maghreb.

Facts about Marrakech 4: Fes

The city of Fes was capable to take over the important role of the city during its period of decline. However, it was selected as a kingdom’s capital again in 16th century.

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Facts about Marrakech 5: pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to Marrakech was popular in 17th century among the Sufi for it was a home for the tombs of seven patron saints of Morocco.

Marrakech Facts

Marrakech Facts

Facts about Marrakech 6: the present-day Marrakech

Today, Marrakech is known as a leading tourist destination due to its impressive buildings and history. Mohammed V tries to boost tourism in the country. The plan is to double the number of tourists by 2020.

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Facts about Marrakech 7: in 21st century

In 21st century, Marrakech had dramatic number of hotel and real estate development even though economic recession took place.

Facts about Marrakech 8: popularity

French people like Marrakech. A number of properties in the city are owned by many French celebrities.

Marrakech Pic

Marrakech Pic

Facts about Marrakech 9: traditional market

The largest souk or traditional market in the country is located in Marrakech. The product offered for the customers include modern consumer electronic, Berber carpet and unique crafts.

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Facts about Marrakech 10: wildlife trade

Wildlife trade is flourished in the city even though it is illegal. The most popular pet to sale is tortoise.

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