10 Facts about Mary Kay Ash

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Facts about Mary Kay Ash inform the readers with the notable businesswoman from United States. Ash was known as the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. She was born on 12th May 1918 and died on November 22nd, 2001. The birthplace of Ash was located in Hot Wells, Harris County, Texas. Her birth name was Mary Kathlyn Wagner. Let us get other interesting facts about Mary Kay Ash below:

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 1: parents

Her mother was Lula Vember Hastings Wagner. Her father was Edward Alexander. Before her mother earned an occupation as a restaurant manager, she had a nurse training.

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 2: education

Ash had her education in Houston by studying at Dow Elementary School and Reagan High School. In 1934, she had the graduation.

Mary Kay Company

Mary Kay Company

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 3: marriage

When she was 17 years old, she and Ben Rogers got married. The couple was blessed with three kids. They were Ben Jr., Marylin Reed and Richard Rogers.

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 4: selling books

Ash sold books from one home to another home when her husband participated in the Second World War. The couple divorced after Rogers came back from the war in 1945.

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Facts about Mary Kay Ash 5: Stanley Home Products

Ash worked for Stanley Home Products. She decided to retire from the company in 1963 due to her frustration for not getting the promotion. Instead, the man that she trained earned it. Therefore, she had an intention to create a book to help women doing business.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 6: the book

The book became a business plan for her. Therefore, she decided to establish Mary Kay Cosmetics along with her husband George Hellenbeck in the summer of 1963.

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Facts about Mary Kay Ash 7: the death of her husband

Her new husband died because of heart attack before the couple began their company called Beauty of Mary Kay.

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 8: Mary Kay Cosmetics

Ash started Mary Kay Cosmetics when she was 45 years on 13 September 1963. It was a month after the death of her husband.

Facts about Mary Kay Ash

Facts about Mary Kay Ash

Facts about Mary Kay Ash 9: the money

She started the company by having a $5,000 investment from Ben Rogers, Jr. Dallas had the original store of May Kay Cosmetics.

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Facts about Mary Kay Ash 10: death

On 22 November 2001, she passed away in Dallas, Texas.

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