10 Facts about Mary Reibey

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Facts about Mary Reibey tell the readers about an Englishwoman who became a successful businesswoman in Sydney after she transported to Australia as a convict. She was born on May 12th, 1777 and died on May 30th, 1855. The birthplace of Reibey was located in Bury, Lancashire, England. Her baptized name was Molly Haydock. She was known as a trader and businesswoman. Let us find out other unique facts about Mary Reibey below:

Facts about Mary Reibey 1: the death of her parents

The death of her parents brought changes in Mary’s life. She lived with her grandmother. Then she decided to run away after being sent into service.

Facts about Mary Reibey 2: a crime

Reibey conducted a crime for she stole a horse. In August 1791, she was arrested because of her bad act.

Facts about Mary Reibey

Facts about Mary Reibey

Facts about Mary Reibey 3: James Burrow

James Burrow was a name selected by Reibey when she disguised as a boy.

Facts about Mary Reibey 4: the punishment

She was transported to Australia and had to live there for seven years for her punishment. In October 1792, she landed on the Royal Admiral in Sydney, Australia.

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Facts about Mary Reibey 5: a letter

The day after she landed in Botany Bay, she wrote a letter on board for Penelope Hope, her aunt.

Mary Reibey Facts

Mary Reibey Facts

Facts about Mary Reibey 6: marriage

Thomas Reibey was the husband of Mary. The couple married on September 7, 1794. At that time, Mary was only 17 years old. Thomas was a junior officer on the store ship, Britannia. Actually, he had proposed her a couple times. She always rejected her proposal. Eventually, she accepted him to become her husband.

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Facts about Mary Reibey 7: the surname

The surname of Mary was often written Reibey, Reiby or Raiby. In the later years, the family decided to use Reibey.

Facts about Mary Reibey 8: the life after marriage

After the couple married, they became farmers after her husband earned a land located on Hawkesbury River. Reibycroft was the farmhouse that the couple established. Today, it is an important building included in the list of Register of National Estate.

Mary Reibey Letter

Mary Reibey Letter

Facts about Mary Reibey 9: cargo business

Her husband managed a cargo business from Hawkesbury to Sydney. The family business grew well which enabled the couple to do various trading business such as skin, furs, cedar and coal. They also had a number of farms.

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Facts about Mary Reibey 10: the death of Thomas

Mary had to take over the responsibility to take care her family and business after the death of her husband on April 5th, 1811.

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