10 Facts about Mary Draper

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Facts about Mary Draper present the information about an American pioneer. She was also called Mary English or Mary Inglis in a number of records. She was born in 1732 and died on February 1815. People also recognized her as the first settler in western Virginia. The Shawnee captures Draper along with her two young sons in the Summer of 1755. It occurred during the War between the Indians and French. Let us find out other interesting facts about Mary Draper:

Facts about Mary Draper 1: as captives

Draper was held as a captive along with others.  All of them were directed to the Ohio and Scioto rivers to reach Lower Shawneetown.

Facts about Mary Draper 2: escaping

After two and a half month, Draper and another woman were capable to escape from the Shawnee. They had to cross many rivers and creeks to reach their house.

Facts about Mary Draper

Facts about Mary Draper

Facts about Mary Draper 3: the log cabin

Draper lived with her husband located beside New River. The present day location is in Radford, Virginia.

Facts about Mary Draper 4: the birthplace of Draper

The birthplace of Draper was located in Philadelphia. Her parents were Elenor and George Draper. In 1729, her parents relocated to United States from Ireland.

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Facts about Mary Draper 5: Draper’s Meadow

Draper’s Meadow was founded by the Draper family and others in 1748 after they relocated to western frontier of Virginia.

Mary Draper Cabin

Mary Draper Cabin

Facts about Mary Draper 6: personal life

Draper wedded William Ingles in 1750. He was her fellow settler. The couple was blessed with two sons. In 1751, she gave birth to Thomas. In 1753, George was born.

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Facts about Mary Draper 7: Draper’s Meadow massacre

Draper’s Meadow was raided by the Shawnee warriors during the French and Indian War on 30th July 1755. Mary’s niece and mother were among the four settlers killed during the raid.

Facts about Mary Draper 8: captives

The Shawnee warriors captured six people from the Draper’s Meadow. They included Henry Lenard and James Cull. Both of them were Mary’s neighbors. Other captives included Bettie Robertson Draper. She was the sister-in-law of Mary. Others included Mary and her two sons.

Mary Draper Post Card

Mary Draper Post Card

Facts about Mary Draper 9: Mary’s husband

Mary’s husband was capable to move into the forest during the raid. Actually, he was almost killed.

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Facts about Mary Draper 10: the life as a captive

During the ritual of running the gauntlet, Henry Leonard and James Cull were killed by the Shawnee warriors. The Shawnee families adopted her two sons. She was separated from both.

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