10 Facts about Matthew Flinders

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Facts about Matthew Flinders give the information about the prominent English navigator. He was born on March 16th, 1774 and died on July 19th, 1814. Flinders was the first person who identified Australia as a continent. He led the first expedition to circumnavigate Australia. He was also known as a cartographer during his life. People recognize him as Captain Matthew Flinders. Let me show you other impressive details about Flinders below:

Facts about Matthew Flinders 1: voyages

In 1791 until 1810, Flinders had his expedition to the southern ocean with three voyages. It was confirmed that Van Diemen’s Land was an island by Flinders and George Bass during the second voyage.

Facts about Matthew Flinders 2: Bungaree

Bungaree was the Aboriginal man who accompanied Flinders when he circumnavigated Australia in the third voyage.

Facts about Matthew Flinders

Facts about Matthew Flinders

Facts about Matthew Flinders 3: living in captivity

Flinders had to live in the captivity for six years in Isle de France. He was arrested by the governor because of the war between France and Britain. At first, Flinders thought that he would get a safe passage because of the scientific work. He had to land at the Isle de France because his ship should be fixed.

Facts about Matthew Flinders 4: the life in captivity

Flinders spent his life in the captivity by writing the journey of his voyages. He intended to publish them later. The new continent was named Australia by Flinders. Governor Macquarie agreed to use the name for naming the continent.

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Facts about Matthew Flinders 5: reaching the Britain

In 1810, Flinders was capable to reach his home in Britain even though his health was decreased.

Matthew Flinders 1801

Matthew Flinders 1801

Facts about Matthew Flinders 6: A Voyage to Terra Australis

A Voyage to Terra Australis was the book and atlas of Flinders published in the market. However, Flinders died before he saw the publication of his famous book.

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Facts about Matthew Flinders 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Flinders was located in Donington, Lincolnshire, England. His father was a surgeon named Mathew Flinders. His mother was Susannah.

Facts about Matthew Flinders 8: the first voyage

The first voyage of Flinders was to New South Wales. He served as a midshipman in 1795, which landed him on Port Jackson.

Matthew Flinders Image

Matthew Flinders Image

Facts about Matthew Flinders 9: the reputation

He was known a reputable cartographer and navigator because of the voyage.

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Facts about Matthew Flinders 10: George Bass

George Bass was the surgeon in the ship who became his best friend.

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