10 Facts about Mastani

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Facts about Mastani tell the readers about the second wife of Maratha Peshwa Bajirao. She was from Rajput clan. Her birthplace was located in Mau Sahaniya.  Mastani was depicted as a brave and beautiful woman. She had impressive skill in warfare, literature and art. Once, Mastani lived in Dhubela where it featured a Mastani Mahal. Let us get the impressive facts about Mastani below:

Facts about Mastani 1: legends

The life story about Mastani is famous in India for it has been associated with many legends.

Facts about Mastani 2: father

It was believed that his father was Bundela Rajput leader Maharaja Chhatrasal who lived in 1649 until 1731. Panna State in Bundelkhand province was established by Mastani’s father.

Facts about Mastani

Facts about Mastani

Facts about Mastani 3: asking for a help

Her father asked a help from Bajirao I when his kingdom was invaded Pathan Mohammad Khan Bangash from Allahabad.

Facts about Mastani 4: gratitude

Since Bajirao helped him saving the kingdom, Chhatrasal gave him 33 lakh gold coins, a third of his kingdom along with his daughter, Mastani.

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Facts about Mastani 5: the marriage

During the marriage between Mastani and Bajirao I, Chhatrasal gave him a handful villages and a diamond mine. The story about it is varied depending on the context.

Mastani Image

Mastani Image

Facts about Mastani 6: the most acceptable version

The most acceptable version is that Mastani was the daughter of a Persian Muslim wife Ruhaani Bai and Chhatrasal. Actually, she was a legal wife of Bajirao even though she was often called as his mistress or concubine.

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Facts about Mastani 7: a talented woman

Mastani was depicted as a very talented woman. She was a great singer and dancer. She was excelled in swordsmanship, spear throwing and horse riding.

Facts about Mastani 8: child

Mastani had a child with Bajirao I. His name was Shamsher Bahadur. During his birth, he was called Krishna Rao.

Mastani Facts

Mastani Facts

Facts about Mastani 9: Radhabai

Radhabai was the mother of Bajirao who did not like Mastani because she was a half-Muslim.

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Facts about Mastani 10: death

Bajirao died after he became ill from fever in April 1740. The death of Mastani remains a mystery. The folk story stated that she performed sati. Another story believed that she died of shock upon hearing the death of her husband. Another source told that she was assassinated. The grave of Mastani was located in Pabal. People call the grave as Mastani’s mazaar or Mastani’s samadhi.

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