10 Facts about Mark Thomas

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Get the interesting information about English comedian on Facts about Mark Thomas. He is also known as a journalist, political satirist and presenter. He was born on April 11th, 1963. His full name was Mark Clifford Thomas. He comes from South London. In the end of 1980s, he played a role in The Mary Whitehouse Experience for BBC Radio 1 comedy show as a guest comic. Why don’t you look at the details below for more impressive facts about Thomas?

Facts about Mark Thomas 1: the notable show

The Mark Thomas Comedy Product is the prominent comedy show of Thomas.  It is broadcasted on Channel 4.

Facts about Mark Thomas 2: the point of view

The point of view of Thomas is defined as a libertarian anarchist. In his show, people are always impressed with his political stunts.

Mark Thomas Facts

Mark Thomas Facts

Facts about Mark Thomas 3: parents

Once, his father worked as a lay preacher. Then he worked as a builder. His mother was a midwife.

Facts about Mark Thomas 4: education

Until 1974, he attended Macaulay Church of England Primary School, Victoria Rise. He continued his education at Christ’s Hospital School after obtaining a scholarship.

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Facts about Mark Thomas 5: the early influence

Duncan Noel-Paton was his drama teacher who had influenced him at school. Another influence was The Caucasian Chalk Circle. It was a play by Bertolt Brecht.

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Facts about Mark Thomas 6: comedy career

Thomas decided to pursue a comedy career after he graduated from school. At first, he got income by working at the building site along with his father.

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Facts about Mark Thomas 7: the comedy influence

He chose comedy due to the recording of Alexei Sayle. The works of Steptoe and Son, Dave Allen and Tony Hancock also made him realize his interest in comedy.

Facts about Mark Thomas 8: The Mary Whitehouse Experience

He was often called to participate in The Mary Whitehouse Experience for BBC Radio 1. During the show, he would have a discussion with studio audience related to a particular topic of the week.

Facts about Mark Thomas

Facts about Mark Thomas

Facts about Mark Thomas 9: The Mark Thomas Comedy Product

The Mark Thomas Comedy Product was considered as the political comedy show of Thomas. The critics stated that the show provided a significant investigative tool although the politicians criticized the show.

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Facts about Mark Thomas 10: other ventures

In United Kingdom, Thomas is recognized as a prominent stand-up comedy. He also takes part in many comedy benefit nights.

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