10 Facts about Mary MacKillop

Post On: July 12, 2017
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Facts about Mary MacKillop tell the readers about the famous Australian nun. She was born on January 15th, 1842 and died on August 8th, 1909. The formal title of hers is St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. The Catholic Church has declared her a saint. MacKillop focused her charitable activities in South Australia even though she was born in Melbourne. She had a Scottish descent. Why don’t you look at the following post below for details about Mary MacKillop?

Facts about Mary MacKillop 1:  the work

The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart was established by MacKillop along with Reverend Jualian Tenison Woods. It was a congregation of religious sisters. They worked together to build welfare institutions and schools in Australia. The focus of the congregation was to give the people who lived in rural area great education.

Facts about Mary MacKillop 2: beatification

Pope John Paul II beatified MacKillop in January 1995.

facts about Mary MacKillop

facts about Mary MacKillop

Facts about Mary MacKillop 3: praying

During World Youth Day 2008, Pope Benedict XVI went to Sydney and visited the tomb of MacKillop.

Facts about Mary MacKillop 4: a public ceremony

There was a public ceremony held in Vatican at St Peter’s Square on October 17th, 2010. During the event, MacKillop was canonized.

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Facts about Mary MacKillop 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of MacKillop was located in Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. Her mother was Flora MacDonald, while her father was Alexander MacKillop.

Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel

Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel

Facts about Mary MacKillop 6: the baptized name

Maria Ellen was the baptized name of Mary that she earned six weeks after her birth. However, people continued to call her Mary.

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Facts about Mary MacKillop 7: family

There were eight kids in the family. Mary was the eldest one. On July 14th, 1840, her parents married in Melbourne.

Facts about Mary MacKillop 8: the first Holy Communion

When Mary was nine years old, she got her first Holy Communion. Talking about her education, she went to private schools.

Mary MacKillop

Mary MacKillop

Facts about Mary MacKillop 9: the job

Mary got a job as a clerk at a stationary store in Melbourne when she was 14. She also became a governess in 1860 to help her needy family.

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Facts about Mary MacKillop 10: the religious name

Sister Mary of the Cross-was the religious name adopted by Mary after she dedicated herself for God.  Her congregation focused more on providing education for the poor people.

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