10 Facts about McFarland USA

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Facts about McFarland USA descibe the sports drama film based on true story. This motivational and inspiring movie tell about the 1987 McFarland High School cross country race team’s rise to fame. The 10 interesting facts below will exactly inpsire you.

Facts about McFarland USA 1: General Information

This amazing movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mayhem Picture based on the true story of 1987 cross country team from majority Latino high school in McFarland, California. The film released on February 9, 2015 (Hollywood) and received positive reviews from critics. Kevin Costner as Jim White, and also Maria Bello and Morgan Saylor were the film stars.

Facts about McFarland USA 2: Plot

Jim White, a football coach, moves to McFarland, one of the poorest region in the USA, he takes a new job at McFarland High School, which is predominantly Latino. He leads boys’ cross country with lack of hope for their future. In short, under guidance of Jim White, the team outstandingly successful and the members of team escaped from the cycle of poverty.

Amazing Facts about McFarland Film

Facts about McFarland USA 3: Cast

This incredible movie was starring by Kevin Costner as Jim White, Maria Bello as Cheryl White, Morgan Saylor played as Julie White, Carlos Pratts as Thomas Valles, Elsier Fisher as Jamie White, Johny Ortiz as Jose Cardenas, Hector Duran as Johnny Sameniego, Michael Aguero as Damacio Diaz, Sergio Avelar as Victor Puentes, etc.

Facts about McFarland USA 4: Historical Accuracy

Eventhough this film based on the true story, Noted that not everything in this movie factual. But it is still enjoyable and makesense movie.

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Facts about McFarland USA 5: Home Media

This movie, McFarland aired on DVD and Blu-ray in February 20, 2015 under Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Facts about McFarland USA 6: Soundtrack

Soundtrack is one of important tools to make film more impresive. Hence, soundtracks were choseen in this movie such as Juntos, The Real McFarlands, Me and Baby Brother, Let’s Hit It Again, Lord’s Prayer, Watermelon Man, Barbie Bike, Flash Light, Convoy to State, Beach, America, etc.

Amazing Facts about Mcfarland Film

Facts about McFarland USA 7: Box Offices

Mcfarland USA earned for total gross of $45.7 million, which is $44.5 million in North America and $1.2 million in other regions.

Facts about McFarland USA 8: Critical Response

Based on the article presented by Rotten Tomatoes has reported a rating average of 6.7/10. Most of the responden gave positive review. Stephen farber of The hollywood Reporter stated that “while the beats of the story are often stock, the picture benefits from sensitive direction by Niki Karo and from most appealing performance by Kevin Costner.

Facts about McFarland USA 9: Accolades

This film had been nominated in Teen Choice Awards category Choice Movie Drama.

Amazing Facts about McFarland Film

Facts about McFarland USA 10: Extreme Training

Surprisingly, one of the actors, Carloss Valles as Thomas Valles, to get prepared for  his role, he ran 5-6 miles per day. Then he went to the studio and reheased the film, after that he would do cross fit training at Brick Fitness in Redondo Beach California.

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