10 Facts about Mad Max

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Facts about Mad Max inform us with an Australian dystopian action movie released in 1979. Mac Max Rockatansky is the primary character portrayed by Mel Gibson. George Miller and Byron Kennedy served as the film director and producer respectively. The cast in Mad Max also included Roger Ward, Tim Burns, Joanne Samuel, Steve Bisley and Hugh Keays-Byrne. Miller and Kennedy created a story for the movie. It was adapted into screenplay by James McCausland and Miller.

Facts about Mad Max 1: the main theme

The setting of Mad Max occurred in the future Australia.  The primary themes in Mad Max involved vengeance, murder and collapse of society. The conflict occurred between a motorcycle gang and a vengeful police officer.

Facts about Mad Max 2: the principal photography

It took six weeks to do the principal photography located in Melbourne, Australia.

Facts about Mad Max

Facts about Mad Max

Facts about Mad Max 3: the reception

In April 1979, Mad Max was released in the cinema. During the initial release, Mad Max earned a polarized reception. However, the film became the winner of three Awards in AACTA. Moreover, fans loved it much and established a cult of the movie. Therefore, the reception has grown better over the years.

Facts about Mad Max 4: the gross revenue

The gross revenue of Mad Max reached US$100 million globally. This movie was commercially successful due to the high amount of profit. The Australian New Wave films started to break the global market.

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Facts about Mad Max 5: the sequels

Three sequels have been released after the first series of Mad Max. In 1981, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior was released in the cinema. It was followed by Beyond Thunderdome in 1985 and Fury Road in 2015.

Mad Max Gibson

Mad Max Gibson

Facts about Mad Max 6: the cast

Mad Max is portrayed by Mel Gibson. Jessie Rockatansky and Jim “Goose” Rains were played by Joanne Samuel and Steve Bisley. Hugh Keays-Byrne took the role as Toecutter. Fifi is depicted by Roger Ward.

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Facts about Mad Max 7: the casting process

Miller was interested to cast an American actor as the main character in his movie. However, he opted out due to the big budget that he had spent to get an American actor.

Facts about Mad Max 8: lesser-known actors

Miller tried to look for lesser-known actors. James Healey was the first choice of Miller. However, he declined the offer after reading the script. Mel Gibson then was selected for the role.

Mad Max

Mad Max

Facts about Mad Max 9: Steve Bisley

Steve Bisley took the role as Jim Goose. He was Max’s partner. Bisley and Gibson were friends and classmates.

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Facts about Mad Max 10: vehicles

Mad Max was also famous due to the use of memorable vehicles. A 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT351 is the most popular one for it was driven by Max.

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