10 Facts about Megara

Post On: June 10, 2018
By: Andi

For those who want to know more about Megara, this article will give you less-known information dan facts about Megara. Megara is a long history town and municipality in West Attica, Greece. Megara was a trade port at that time, its people using their ships and wealth as a way to gain leverage on armies of neighbouring poleis. Megara has best and famous products, they were wool and other animal products including livestock such as horses. Please read the description below to find out the other amazing facts about Megara.

Facts about Megara 1: History of Megara in 685 BC

Historically, Megara was an early dependency of Corinth, in which capacity colonist form Megara founded Megara Hyblaea, a small polis north of Syracuse in Sicily. Megara then fought a war of independence with Corinth in 685 BC.

Facts about Megara 2: History of Megara between 480 – 479 BC

During the second Persian invasion of Greece between 480-479 BC, Megara fought alongside the Spartans and Athenians at crucial battles such as Salamis and Plataea.

the 10 interesting facts about Megara

Facts about Megara 3: The History of Megara in 7th Century BC

During the late 7th century BC Megara fully under controlled by Theagenes through slaughtering the cattle of the rich to win over the poor.

Facts about Megara 4: The History of Megara during 460-c.445 BC

Megara’s defection from the Spartan-dominated Peloponnesian League was the main factor causes of the First Peloponnesian War between 460-c.445 BC.

Facts about Megara 5: The History of Megara between c.431- 404 BC

Megara was an ally of Sparta during the second war of Peloponnesian war between c.431 – 404 BC. The Peloponnesian War was caused by the Megarian Decree.

Facts about Megara 6: The Most Famous Citizen and Antiquity of Megara

Byzas was the most famous citizen of Megara in antiquity, the legendary founder of Byzantium in the 7th century BC. The 6th century BC poet Theognis also came from Megara. In the early 4th century BC, Euclid of Megara founded the Megarian school of philosophy which flourished for about a century, and that became famous for the use of logic and dialectic.

the 10 interesting facts about Megara

Facts about Megara 7: The History of Megara during the Celtic Invasion

During the Celtic invasion in 279 BC, Megara sent a force of 400 peltasts to Thermopylae. In the Chremonidean War, in 266 BC, the Megarians were besieged by the Macedonian king Antigonus Gonatas and managed to defeat his elephants employing burning pigs. Despite this success, the Megarians should submit to the Macedonians.

Facts about Megara 8: The Geography of Megara

Megara positioned in the westernmost part of Attica, not far from the Megara Gulf, a bay of the Saronic Gulf.

Facts about Megara 9: The Megara’s Inhabitants

The main town Megara had 23,456 population at the 2011 census. Vlychada was the largest settlements that reached 1,462 population, Kineta (1,446 population), Pachi (542 inhabitants) and Lakka Kalogirou (517 people).

the 10 interesting facts about Megara

Facts about Megara 10: Municipality of Megara

The municipality has an area of 330.11 KM2.

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