10 Fun Facts about Labradoodles

Post On: October 7, 2016
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Facts about Labradoodles explain a unique crossbreed dog. In 1955, the term labradoodle was first spotted. It is used to call the dog created from the result of crossbreeding between the Standard, Miniature or Toy Poodle along with Labrador retriever. In 1988, the word labradoodle became popular among the dog lovers. At that time, labradoodle was mainly used for hypoallergenic guide dog. Let us check other interesting facts about labradoodle in the below post:

Facts about Labradoodles 1: are all Labradoodles hypoallergenic?

If you think that all Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, you are wrong. Today, various breeder organizations do not consider labradoodle as a breed.

white labradoodles

white labradoodles

Facts about Labradoodles 2: the recognized popularity

Labradoodle gained more popularity after the success of Wally Conron when breeding Labrador retriever with Standard Poodle in 1988. He was an Australian breeder who conducted the crossbreed in Victoria, Australia.

Facts about Labradoodles 3: the purpose of crossbreeding

The purpose of crossbreeding between Labrador retriever and poodle according to Conron was to give the people with allergy to dander and fur a guide dog with amazing trainability and gentleness.

Facts about Labradoodles 4: Sultan

Conron stated that the dog from his crossbreed, which depicted the qualities, was Sultan. It was the dog from the litter. Get facts about labrador retriever here



Facts about Labradoodles 5: the function of Labradoodles today

Today, Labradoodles are employed as therapy, assistance and guide dog. Many families like to have labradoodle.

Facts about Labradoodles 6: the famous owners of labradoodle

Labradoodle is considered as one of the notable dogs in the world. Do you know that the crown princess and prince of Norway own labradoodle?

labradoodles pic

labradoodles pic

Facts about Labradoodles 7:  the characteristics

Labradoodle is not a breed. It is a crossbreed. It is not easy for the people to make a prediction on the physical and natural characteristics of the dogs.

Facts about Labradoodles 8: the hair

The hair of labradoodle is varied. It can be curly, wavy, straight, soft or even wiry. Shedding is a common process experienced by the dog. Compared to Labrador retriever, it has less odor.

Facts about Labradoodles 9: the traits

In general, labradoodle depicts energetic, caring and friendly traits. That is why families love it.

facts about labradoodles

facts about labradoodles

Facts about Labradoodles 10: swimming ability

Labradoodle has great swimming ability. It might be inherited from the parent breed of Labrador retriever. That is why labradoodle likes to play with water. If you have this dog at home, do not forget to concern about its health.

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