10 Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong

Post On: March 13, 2017
By: Agustina

The American trumpeter whose nickname is Pops or Satchmo is explained on Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong. He was born on 4th August 1901 and died on 6th July 1971. He was also recognized as a singer and composer. During the jazz era, he was an influential figure.  His musical career began in 1920s and ended in 1960s. He rose to prominence as a trumpet and cornet player in 1920s. Armstrong changed the perception of the people about the collective music since he was capable for developing the soloist performance well.

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 1: as a singer

As I have told you, Armstrong was also a singer.  His expression was spotted on how he bent the melody and lyrics of a song.

Facts about Louis Armstrong

Facts about Louis Armstrong

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 2: popular music

His influence was not only seen on Jazz. His style also affected the general popular music by the end of 1960s.

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Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 3: the African-American

Even though Armstrong was an African American, his skin color did not affect his career. People loved his music. He was capable for breaking the boundary by reaching the upper class audiences with his personality and artistry.

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 4: the birth date

The true birth date of Armstrong was on 4th August 1901 according to the examination of baptismal record. Tad Jones was the researcher who discovered his true birth date. In many biographies prior the discovery, Armstrong always cited that he was born on 4 July 1900.

Louis Armstrong Pictures

Louis Armstrong Pictures

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 5: the family background

Just like the African American family in his era, he was from a poor family who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 6: the youth

Armstrong was raised in The Battlefield. It was a rough neighborhood within Storyville legal prostitution district. His grandparents were slaves.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 7: parents

When Louis was only an infant, his father left the family and lived with another woman. His father was William Armstrong. Louis and Beatrice, his younger sister lived with their grandmother after his mother left the family. Louis lived his mother again at the age of five.

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 8: living in Chicago

Due to his skill of playing trumpet, he was invited to move to Chicago as a part of jazz band. He had a luxurious life in the city.

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Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 9: the first recording

The Gennett and Okeh labels managed the first recording of Armstrong.

Louis Armstrong Facts

Louis Armstrong Facts

Fun Facts about Louis Armstrong 10: the habit

One way conducted by Louis to control his weight was by using laxatives.

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