10 Interesting Facts about Lakshmi

Post On: November 22, 2016
By: Agustina

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi inform us with the Hindu goddess of prosperity, fortune and wealth. When you visit the Jain Temples, there is no need to wonder if you spot Lakshmi. She is considered as a significant deity in Jainism. Her husband is Vishnu who serves as a god in Hinduism. The cave temples of Buddhism also feature the depiction of Lakshmi.  Check other interesting facts about Lakshmi below:

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 1: the resemblance of Lakshmi

Lakshmi is often associated with goddess Vasudhara. Both goddesses only have less noticeable iconographic distinction. Vasudhara is the goddess for the Buddhists sect in Southeast Asia, Nepal and Tibet.

facts about lakshmi

facts about lakshmi

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 2: the qualities of Lakshmi

Lakshmi has the divine qualities because she was born from Samudra manthan. Thirumagal and Sri are the other names of Lakshmi.

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Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 3: the eternal consort

The eternal consort of Lakshmi is Vishnu. Lakshmi has Rukmini who served as the wife of Krishna and Sita as the wife of Rama when Vishnu had Krishna and Rama as his descendants on earth.

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 4: Lakshmi in ancient Indian scriptures

It is believed that the embodiment of Lakshmi is found in all women based on the ancient Indian scriptures.

lakshmi facts

lakshmi facts

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 5: the marriage in Hinduism

In the Hindu wedding, the bride and groom will perform the ceremonies and rituals based on the relationship of Lakshmi and Vishnu.

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 6: the depiction of Lakshmi in Indian art

Lakshmi is an important subject in Indian art. The artists will depict her in golden color wearing an elegant dress. Her vehicle is the owl.

lakshmi image

lakshmi image

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 7: the position

Her position resembles the spiritual liberation, self-knowledge and fortune. Her hand holds lotus when she stands or sit.  The lotus is an important symbol for it reflects purity and beauty.

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 8: the number of hands

Lakshmi is depicted with four hands for her iconography.  Each hand is used to refer to the goal of human life.

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Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 9: the reference of Lakshmi

The reference of Lakshmi as a goddess was traced back in the first millennium BCE.

lakshmi manuscript

lakshmi manuscript

Interesting Facts about Lakshmi 10: the festivals

The Hindu people will celebrate two important festivals to honor goddess Lakshmi. Both are Sharad Purnima and Diwali. The latter one is the festival of light.

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