10 Interesting Facts about Mica The Mineral

Post On: August 5, 2020
By: Andi

What do you think about 10 interesting facts about mica the mineral? The word Mica is derived from the Latin word mica, meaning a crumb, and probably influenced by micare to glitter.

Facts 1 : Dioctahedral Micas Classification

The classification of dioctahedral mica is including muscovite and paragonite.

Facts 2 : The Classification of Mica: Trioctahedral Micas

The common micas in this classification namely biotite, lepidolite, phlogopite, zinnwaldite and clintonite as the brittle mica.

Mica the mineral

Facts 3 : Interlayer-deficient micas

The micas contains  the variation in ion and water content, are informally termed “clay micas”. They include:

  • Hydro-muscovite with H3oalong with K in the X site;
  • Illite with a K deficiency in the X site and correspondingly more Si in the Z site
  • Phengite with Mg or Fe2+ substituting for AI in the Y site and a corresponding increase in Si in the Z site.

Facts 4 : The Occurrence of Mica the Mineral

Mica is widely distributed and occurs in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary regimes.

Facts 5 : Properties and Uses of Mica the Mineral

The commercially important micas are muscovite and phlogopite, that is used in a variety of applications. Mica’s value is based on several of its unique physical properties.

Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

Facts 6 : Ground Mica

The using of ground Mica in the United States is in the joint compound for filling and finishing seams and blemishes in gypsum wallboard. The mica acts as a filler and extender to improve the workability of the compound.

Mica the mineral

Facts 7 : Built-up Mica the Mineral

Amazingly, muscovite and phlogopite splittings can be fabricated into various built-up mica products. Built-up mica is used primarily as an electrical insulation material.

Facts 8 : Sheet Mica the Mineral

Amazingly, the technical grade sheet mica is not only used in electrical components, electronics, but also it can be used as window sheets.

In addition, mica the minerals can be used as marker dials  for navigation compasses, optical filters, pyrometers, thermal regulators, stove and kerosene heater windows, radiation aperture covers for microwave ovens, and micathermic heater elements.

Facts 9 : Electrical and Electronic

Commonly, the sheet mica is used in the electric and electrical industries. It is very useful because of its unique electrical and thermal properties and its mechanical properties, which allow it to be cut, punched, stamped, and machined to close tolerances.

Facts 10 : The Early History of Mica the Mineral

Amazingly, the mica began used by human since prehistoric time. Mica was known to ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Chinese civilisation.

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