10 Facts about Manganese

Post On: May 10, 2017
By: Agustina

In the nature, manganese is not available as a free element. Manganese is found with iron in minerals. It has atomic number of 25 and symbol of Mn in the periodic system. Manganese is a valuable metal in the industries. It has been used to produce stainless steels and other metal alloys.  The impure sample of manganese mental was isolated by Johan Gottlieb Gahn in 1774. He used carbon to reduce the dioxide. Get other interesting facts about manganese below:

Facts about Manganese 1: the primary use of manganese

Manganese is an important element in the industry. The steel will not face corrosion and rust due to manganese phosphating.

Facts about Manganese 2: Ionized manganese

The pigments of a number of colors can be generated in the industries by the presence of ionized manganese. The oxidation state of ions will determine the level of colors.

Facts about Manganese

Facts about Manganese

Facts about Manganese 3: Manganese dioxide

The alkali batteries and electron acceptors in zinc carbon use manganese dioxide.

Facts about Manganese 4: Manganese enzymes

In the living organisms, manganese is also important. The superoxide free radicals will be detoxified by manganese enzymes. If the manganese comes in larger amount, it may become neurotoxin. Manganism is a term to call a neurological damage caused by the high amount of manganese inhalation.

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Facts about Manganese 5: the color

This metal has the silvery-gray color. It looks like an iron.  It is hard to fuse manganese due to the brittle and hard texture. However, the metal is not hard to oxidize.

Manganese Facts

Manganese Facts

Facts about Manganese 6: the stable isotope

55Mn is considered as the only stable isotope of manganese. 53Mn is the most stable radioisotope.

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Facts about Manganese 7: the occurrence

South Africa contains 80 percent of the manganese resource in the world. Other countries, which have manganese deposit, include Brazil, Australia, Ukraine, India, Gabon and China.

Facts about Manganese 8: manganese nodules

The amount of manganese nodules probably found at the ocean floor was 500 billion tons according to estimation in 1978.



Facts about Manganese 9: the deposits in South Africa

The deposit of manganese in South Africa is centered near Hotazel in Northern Cape Province.

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Facts about Manganese 10: the production of manganese

The production of manganese reached 3.4 million tons in South Africa in 2011.

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