10 Important Facts about Magnesium

Post On: April 17, 2017
By: Agustina

Let me tell you the important Facts about Magnesium. The chemical element has the atomic number of 12 and symbol Mg in the periodic table. It is included in the second column along with other five elements. In the universe, this shiny gray solid is considered as the ninth most abundant element. On the earth’s crust, it takes the eighth most abundant element. Almost 13 percent of the mass of earth contains magnesium.

Facts about Magnesium 1: the natural magnesium

The natural magnesium is a stand-alone element. It comes up with other elements in a combination.

Facts about Magnesium 2: the free element of magnesium

Magnesium also occurs in a free element where it has high level of reactivity.

Facts about Magnesium

Facts about Magnesium

Facts about Magnesium 3: the value

Due to its amazing strength and lightness, magnesium is considered as a valuable material.

Facts about Magnesium 4: magnesium as a nutrient

Magnesium is considered as one of the important nutrients for living organism. Around 300 enzymes and all cells in the human body depend on it.

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Facts about Magnesium 5: interaction

The interaction between polyphosphate compounds and magnesium ions occurs in the body of human being. The latter one includes RNA, DNA and ATP. If magnesium is not available, hundreds of enzymes will not function.

Magnesium Facts

Magnesium Facts

Facts about Magnesium 6: medicine

A number of medicine use magnesium compounds. The notable one includes milk of magnesia.

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Facts about Magnesium 7: the term magnesium

Magnesium is named after Magnesia. It was a district located in Thessaly. The area was also the origin of other related elements like manganese and magnetite.

Facts about Magnesium 8: the first isolation

The first isolation of magnesium was conducted by the famous Sir Humphry Davy. In 1808, he performed electrolysis on a mixture of mercuric oxide and magnesia to isolate the element in England. Davy introduced the term magnesium to call the element. However, people prefer to call it magnesium.



Facts about Magnesium 9: the popularity of magnesium

Magnesium is considered as a popular element in the world along with aluminum and iron. All of them are important for the heavy industries. During the Kroll Process, people can get titanium by using magnesium. When people want to generate steel and iron, they can eliminate the sulfur using magnesium. It is also applied in die-casting and aluminum alloys.

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Facts about Magnesium 10: aerospace

The construction metal on an aerospace also contained magnesium during the first and Second World War.

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