10 Fun Facts about Lithium

Post On: February 13, 2017
By: Agustina

The chemical element, which has the silvery white metal and soft texture, is explained on Fun Facts about Lithium. In the periodic table, Lithium has the atomic number 3 and symbol Li.  It was named after lithos. The Greek word means stone. When Lithium is kept inside the standard condition, it is the least dense solid element and lightest metal. However, you have to be careful when dealing with Lithium for it is highly flammable and reactive. Let us check other interesting facts about lithium below:

Fun Facts about Lithium 1: the storage

Since lithium is flammable and reactive, it should be well stored. The scientists will use the mineral oil to store it.  The metallic luster will emerge when it is cut open.  The color of lithium will turn into the dull silvery grey and black tarnish when it has contact with moist air.

Facts about Lithium

Facts about Lithium

Fun Facts about Lithium 2: the occurrence

In the nature, lithium is not found freely due to its high level of reactivity. People discover the natural lithium in compounds.

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Fun Facts about Lithium 3: as an ion

Lithium has higher level of solubility as an ion. Therefore, it can be found in the clays, brines and ocean water.

Fun Facts about Lithium 4: the commercial production

The mixture of lithium chloride and potassium chloride can be used to isolate lithium during the commercial production.

Lithium Facts

Lithium Facts

Fun Facts about Lithium 5: lithium in the solar system

In the solar system, lithium is less common for it has relative nuclear instability.  However, lithium earns as an important status in the nuclear physics.

Fun Facts about Lithium 6: the industrial applications

Lithium has various applications for industries such as for the aluminum production, steel production, flux additives for iron, head-resistant glass and ceramics, lithium ion batteries, lithium battery and lithium grease lubricants.



Fun Facts about Lithium 7: food sources

Do you know that lithium is also found in some food sources? The vegetables and grains contain lithium.

Fun Facts about Lithium 8: the water supplies

You should be careful because water supplies may contain lithium.

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Fun Facts about Lithium 9: the impact

The impact of low intake of lithium on the water supplies is connected with the increased level of crimes, drug use, homicides and suicides.

Lithium Pic

Lithium Pic

Fun Facts about Lithium 10: the characteristics of lithium

The density of lithium is very low. It is measured at 0.534 gram per cm cubic.  The melting point is measured at 180 degrees C.

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