Top 10 Facts about Lord Shiva

Post On: March 10, 2017
By: Agustina

Hinduism has many deities. Besides Khrisna and Rama, you need to know about Shiva. That is why the following Facts about Lord Shiva will elaborate more details about him. In Shaivism, he earns the status as the supreme god. In contemporary Hinduism, he is included as three most influential deities. Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are known as the Hindu trinity. In the Trimurti, he is recognized as the transformer.

Facts about Lord Shiva 1: Shaktism

Shaktism is known as the goddess tradition of Hinduism. Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu are also revered in the tradition even though supreme is at the hand of goddess.

Facts about Shiva

Facts about Shiva

Facts about Lord Shiva 2: Parvati

Parvati is considered as the suitable partner of Shiva. Shiva settled on Mount Kailash and lived as a yogi. He and Parvati married each other. The couple had two kids. They were Ganesha and Kartikeya.

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Facts about Lord Shiva 3: the depiction of Shiva

Shiva is depicted in many forms. Some of them are fearsome and benevolent. His depiction as slaying demon shows his fierce aspect.

Facts about Lord Shiva 4: Adiyogi Shiva

The Hindus consider him as the patron of arts, meditation and yoga. That is why he is called as Adiyoga Shiva.

Shiva Coins

Shiva Coins

Facts about Lord Shiva 5: the third eye

Shiva has the third eye on his forehead. It is considered as the major iconographical attribute of Shiva.

Facts about Lord Shiva 6: other attributes of Shiva

Shiva has a number of attributes. He has the damaru, a trishula as his weapon, the matted hair that flows Ganga, the holy river, crescent moon and serpent on his neck.

Shiva Facts

Shiva Facts

Facts about Lord Shiva 7: the followers of Shiva

The followers of Shiva are the Hindus who live in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Facts about Lord Shiva 8: the duality of Shiva

Shiva has duality seen from his depiction. He is depicted as a figure with brilliance and honor. On other hand, he is also depicted as a terror.

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Facts about Lord Shiva 9: the fearsome aspect

The fearsome character of Lord Shiva is spotted under the name Rudra. It is taken from the root word of rud. The meaning is to howl or cry.

Shiva Pic

Shiva Pic

Facts about Lord Shiva 10: as a yogi

Another prevalent depiction of Lord Shiva is as a yogi where he sits and meditates. Thus, he is called Mahayogi. The word yogi means the person who practices yoga. The word maha means great.

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