10 Facts about Lord Capulet

Post On: March 9, 2017
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lord Capulet will tell us with the patriarch of the Capulet family in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Lord Capulet is a rich man. His daughter is Juliet. He is also the uncle of Tybalt. In some cases, Lord Capulet establishes the calm temper even though he is commanding. It can be seen on how he handles Tybalt when he wants to have a duel with Romeo. Lord Capulet threatens Tybalt that he will remove him from the family if he cannot control his bad temper.

Facts about Lord Capulet 1: the best thing for Juliet

As a father, Lord Capulet realizes the best thing for his daughter.

Lord Capulet Image

Lord Capulet Image

Facts about Lord Capulet 2: the marriage of his daughter

Lord Capulet has a beautiful daughter named Juliet. Count Paris likes her and wants to marry her. However, Lord Capulet asks him to talk to his daughter whether she is willing to marry him or not.

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Facts about Lord Capulet 3: the sorrow of Juliet

Lord Capulet thinks that Juliet is in grief because of the death of Tybalt. Actually, she is sad because Romeo is sent away.

Facts about Lord Capulet 4: cheering the daughter

Lord Capulet wants to make his daughter happy again. Therefore, he gives her surprise by arranging the marriage between Juliet and Count Paris.

Lord Capulet

Lord Capulet

Facts about Lord Capulet 5: the response of Juliet

Juliet does not want to get married with Count Paris. She says to his father that she will never be happy with him. Consequently, Lord Capulet is so upset.

Facts about Lord Capulet 6: how he calls Juliet

When Lord Capulet is furious with her refusal to get married with Count Paris, he calls his daughter a disobedient wretch, young baggage or even unworthy.

Lord Capulet Pic

Lord Capulet Pic

Facts about Lord Capulet 7: the parent’s order

Lord Capulet also threatens to send her in prison if she does not marry Count Paris. Due to his impulse and anger, he arranges the marriage in advance for Wednesday. At first, it is arranged for Thursday.

Facts about Lord Capulet 8: the feud

Lord Capulet sees his daughter dead on the bed for she does not want to marry Count Paris.

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Facts about Lord Capulet 9: the long dispute

After seeing the death of his daughter, he decided to end up the long dispute between him and Lord Montague.

Facts about Lord Capulet

Facts about Lord Capulet

Facts about Lord Capulet 10: the character

At first, Lord Capulet is seen as a good father. Then he turns to be a tyrant to his daughter.

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