10 Facts about Mei Terumi

Post On: June 22, 2018
By: Andi

You definitely will find the 10 amazing facts about Mei Terumi which you do not ever know before in this article. Mei Terumi is the fifth Mizukage, it is literally meaning fifth water shadow. The descriptions below will reveal the facts about Mei Terumi.

Facts about Mei Terumi 1: The Early Age of Mei Terumi

Mei had to endure Kirigakure’s brutal academy ritual, during her age was nine. She had to fought drenched in the blood of others and her own for the sake of the village.

Facts about Mei Terumi 2: The Personality of Mei Terumi

Mei, in general, is the kind and cheerful person. She speaks well to others and tends to avoid conflict. Mei Terumi is more open-minded than others members of Kage, for instance, she had shown her respect and was willing to listen to Gaara. She also very flirtatious, for example as she remarked to Sasuke Uchiha that was good looking.

The 10 facts about Mei Terumi

Facts about Mei Terumi 3: Mei Terumi’s Dreamt

Mei does care a lot about the marital status as well as her fellow Kage. In her infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she hopes she was married to the other four Kage celebrating it with her. She is also a person of honour as when Sasuke broke a wall and risked leaking her acidic Boil Release to the other Kage, she changed the pH to avoid harming them.

Facts about Mei Terumi 4: The Appearance of Mei Terumi

Mei has a tall body, slender woman with fair skin. She also has green eyes, and ankle-length, blonde hair styled into a herringbone pattern at the back, a top-knot tied with a dark blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her bust, just below her chin.

The 10 facts about Mei Terumi

Facts about Mei Terumi 5: The Mei Terumi’s Style

Mei Terumi wears a long-sleeved, dark blue dress that falls just below the knees. The dress only covers up to the upper part of her arms and the and the underside of her breasts. Moreover, she wears a mesh armour that covers slightly more of her upper body than her dress. Also, she wears a skirt in the relevant colour with her dress.

Facts about Mei Terumi 6: The Abilities of Mei Terumi

Her abilities are earned her the title of the fifth mizukage. She has strong power, her power strong enough to force Sasuke Uchiha into a corner and injure him despite his usage of Susanoo.

Facts about Mei Terumi 7: Nature Transformation

Mei also expertise in the natural transformations of water, fire, earth and lightning attack. She can create a huge torrent which extinguishes a great fire release used by Madara Uchiha, moreover, quickly use the same water to form a giant dragon.

Facts about Mei Terumi 8: Five Kage Summit

The villagers of kirigakure cheer for Mei Terumi when she leaves for the Kage Summit.

Facts about Mei Terumi 9: During The Kage Summit

During the Kage Summit, Mei proved to be more open-minded rather than the other kage.

The 10 facts about Mei Terumi

Facts about Mei Terumi 10: Mei’s Quotes

One of her quotes is  “Sir… I swear on my name as Mizukage that I will fulfil my duty (To Genji).”

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