Top 10 Facts about Mewtwo

Post On: April 24, 2020
By: Andi

The less-known facts about Mewtwo will be discovered in this article.  The description down below will make you know the interesting information about Mewtwo. Enjoy reading it.

Facts 1 : General Information about Mewtwo

To the one who plays Pokemon game must know this character. Mewtwo is a fictional creature known as Pokemon from Nintendo and Game Freak. ken Sugimori was created it that debuted in the video game Pokemon Red and Blue, and later appeared in various subsequent. The voice of the game by English and Japanese.

Facts 2 :  The Voice of Mewtwo

The franchise’s original Mewtwo character is Masachika Ichimura in Japanese. Jay Goede voiced in the English version. Reiko Takashima voices a separate Mewtwo in the prequel special Mewtwo: Prologue to Awakening and the Film Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens; this second if Mewtwo voiced by Miriam Pultro in the English dubbing version.


Facts 3 : The Characteristic of Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a kind of Pokemon created by manipulation of genetic. Even though the scientific power of humans created this Pokemon’s body, they failed to endow Mewtwo with a compassionate heart.

Facts 4 : Design of Mewtwo

Ken Sugimori is a designer of Mewtwo. He designed for the first generation of Pocket Monsters Game, Red and Green, Known Outside Japan as Pokemon Red and Blue.

Facts 5 : Mewtwo Genetic

In the games, Mewtwo is the result of genetic recombination on a sample of DNA acquired from the mythical Pokemon Mew. Despite being Mew’s descendant, Mewtwo directly precedes Mew in the game’s numerical Pokemon index.

Facts 6 : The Appearance of Mewtwo

Mewtwo’s appearance is very different in comparison. It appears as a bipedal feline that is 6 feet 7 inches tall. Mewtwo has a white body with pronounced purple tail and stomach, a voluptuous figure with significantly thick thighs, purple pupils, bulbous fingertips, and a mesh of flesh that connects from the centre of its back to its head behind its neck. Its appearance has been likened to an oversized cross of cat, squirrel and kangaroo.

Mewtwo First appearance

Mewtwo First appearance

Facts 7 : The Appearance Mewtwo in Video Games

Mewtwo can be caught in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver in the same location as before after defeating all of the gym leaders in Kanto. In Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Pinball. Mewtwo appears as a final boss after all competitions have been completed.

Facts 8 : The Appearance Mewtwo in Anime and Related Media

In the first movie of Pokemon, Mewtwo became a main antagonist. In localising the film forEnglish-language audience, Mewtwo’s personality became more arrogant and megalomaniacal. It is because the American audiences need a clearly evil instead of ambiguous villain.

Facts 9 : The Appearance of Mewtwo in Printed Adaptation

Amazingly, Mewtwo is the main character in several related books of Pokemon franchise, including novelizations of Mewtwo Strikes Back and Mewtwo Returns, both of which closely follow the events of the films.

Facts 10 : Reception

In the games, Mewtwo is consistently noted as being one of the strongest opponents.

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