10 Facts about Master Chief

Post On: July 29, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Master Chief present the information about a fictional character known as Mcis PON John-117. Bungie created this character as the protagonist for Halo fictional universe. If you are interested to play this character, you just have to play the video games like Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 5: Guardians. All of them are the first-person shooter video games.  Master Chief also appears in other media like graphic novels and books.

Facts about Master Chief 1: who is Master Chief?

Master Chief is depicted as a supersoldier. His power was improved due to the cybernetic and biochemical process. This faceless soldier had been trained as a weapon at his early age.

Facts about Master Chief 2: the appearance

Master Chief always appears in the video games wearing his helmet and green armor.

Facts about Master Chief

Facts about Master Chief

Facts about Master Chief 3: reference

Master Chief is not referred using his serial-designation or birth name. He was called according to the naval rank.

Facts about Master Chief 4: the voice actor

Steve Downes provides his voice for Master Chief in the video games. Downes is known as a Chicago disc jockey.

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Facts about Master Chief 5: an icon

Master Chief is a popular character in a video game. Some people consider him as an icon even though he is still relatively new. The critics and video gamers praise this character. However, some people believe that he was a weak character due to the faceless and silent nature.

Master Chief Facts

Master Chief Facts

Facts about Master Chief 6: the project

The first appearance of Master Chief was in Halo: Combat Evolved. Marcus Lehto was the art director of the project along with Rob McLees who had to work together to develop the character of Master Chief. The conceptual art was at the hand of Shi Kai Wang. The basic design of Master Chief was created by Wang from his sketches. Then he was made into bulkier version after the conversion of Wang’s version into 3D appears slender.

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Facts about Master Chief 7: the armor

A number of changes are spotted on the armor of Master Chief. In the later development, the antenna was eliminated.

Facts about Master Chief 8: a silent protagonist

Master Chief is depicted as a silent protagonist for he never speaks when the player controls the game.

Master Chief

Master Chief

Facts about Master Chief 9: the personalities

Master Chief is defined having cynical, quiet and calm personalities.

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Facts about Master Chief 10:  a close relationship

Cortana is an artificial intelligence who has a close relationship with Master Chief.

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