10 Facts about Lisa Simpson

Post On: February 9, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lisa Simpson inform us with a fictional character in The Simpsons. Her full name is Lisa Marie Simpson. She is one of the main characters in the animated TV series. In the Simpson family, Lisa is the smartest one. She is the middle child. On 19th April 1987, Lisa had her first appearance in The Tracey Ullman Show. Yeardley Smith voiced the character of Lisa. Find out other interesting facts about Lisa Simpson below:

Facts about Lisa Simpson 1: the creator of Lisa

The creator and designer of Lisa Simpson is Matt Groening. He is a famous cartoonist.  He decided to create a new set of characters even though he was invited to have a pitch for Life in Hell, his comic. When waiting for James L. Brook, he created Lisa.

Facts about Lisa Simpson

Facts about Lisa Simpson

Facts about Lisa Simpson 2:  the name of the character

Groening named Lisa inspired from Lisa Groening, his younger sister. At first, the Simpson family was a part for The Tracey Ullman Show for 3 years. On 17 December 1989, the family finally earned their own schedule as TV series aired on Fox.

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Facts about Lisa Simpson 3: the age of Lisa

If you are a fan of The Simpson, you must know the age of Lisa. She is only eight years old.

Facts about Lisa Simpson 4: the characters of Lisa

Can you describe the characters of Lisa? She is known as a moral center of the Simpson family. Moreover, she is passionate, intelligent and smart. She is known as a Buddhist, feminist, strong environmentalist and vegetarian.

Lisa Simpson Facts

Lisa Simpson Facts

Facts about Lisa Simpson 5: the members of the Simpson family

The parents of Lisa are Homer and Marge. She has a younger sister named Maggie. Her older brother is Bart.

Facts about Lisa Simpson 6: the social life

The social life of Lisa is explored in The Simpson due to her liberal political view and high intelligence. She is a bit loner due to the barrier, which occurs between Lisa and her friends. She supports the Tibetan independence movement as a strong liberal.

Lisa Simpson Family

Lisa Simpson Family

Facts about Lisa Simpson 7: the hobbies

Lisa is a baritone saxophone player. She also loves reading books.

Facts about Lisa Simpson 8: the development of Lisa’s character

The character of Lisa is developed over the years in the TV series. In the season 13, she embraces Buddhism. In season 7, she becomes a vegetarian.

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Facts about Lisa Simpson 9: the appearance of Lisa

The appearance of Lisa is also seen in the comic books, commercials, video games, merchandise and movies.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Facts about Lisa Simpson 10: Yeardley Smith

At first, Yeardley Smith followed a casting of Bart’s role. However, she ended up for Lisa due to her high voice.

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