10 Amazing Facts about Lizards

Post On: February 21, 2017
By: Agustina

Amazing Facts about Lizards will present the interesting information about the group of squamate reptiles, which can be found in various areas in the world but not in Antarctica. This group has at least 6,000 species. They are very common in oceanic island chains. Lizards are different from snakes because the former ones have the external ears and feet. However, both of them are equipped with a movable quadrate bone. Let us get other interesting facts about lizards below:

Amazing Facts about Lizards 1: predators

Lizard performs autonomy to escape from the predator. This act is characterized by detaching the tail.

Facts about Lizards

Facts about Lizards

Amazing Facts about Lizards 2: the vision and communication

Most lizards have color vision. It is well developed. They have three ways to communicate with other lizards like by using pheromones, bright body colors and body language.

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Amazing Facts about Lizards 3: the size of lizards

The size of lizards is varied.  The chameleons have the length of only a few centimeters. Komodo dragon is considered as the largest living lizard.

Amazing Facts about Lizards 4: the great size of lizards

The great size of lizard is mostly spotted on the extinct species.  The extinct aquatic mosasaurs had the length of 56 feet or 17 meter. The length of giant monitor Megalania was 23 feet or 7 meter.



Amazing Facts about Lizards 5: the importance of vision

The vision is a significant part of Lizard’s life. The highly acute color vision is mostly owned by lizard for it is used to communicate and locate prey.

Amazing Facts about Lizards 6: the body language

The body language is also a form of communication.  The lizards will attract the mates, solve the disputes and state their territory using movements, gestures and postures.

Lizards Facts

Lizards Facts

Amazing Facts about Lizards 7: the tails of lizards

The vivid color is mostly spotted on the tail of lizard. That is why the predators will hit the tail first. It gives the lizard chance to escape from the predator by detaching the tail.

Amazing Facts about Lizards 8: tail regeneration

The tail will be regenerated in weeks after the lizard shed this part.

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Amazing Facts about Lizards 9: the infraorders

The infraorder of lizards are Autarchoglossa, Amphisbaenia, Gekkota and Iguania. The latter one is spreading in the New World, Australia, southern Asia, Pacific islands and Africa. Most of them are arboreal animals.  The examples of Iguania are tropidurid lizards, helmet lizards, chameleons and Malagasy iguanas.



Amazing Facts about Lizards 10: Gekkota

Three families are included in Gekkota. The members are characterized as active hunter.

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