10 Interesting Facts about Lionfish

Post On: February 4, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lionfish elaborate the ideas about a genus of venomous marine fish called Pterois.  It has various names. The people often call it with the common name of lionfish, butterfly-cod fish, turkeyfish, firefish and zebrafish. The lionfish is eye-catching due to its amazing coloration. This fish features the venomous spiky fin rays and fabulous pectoral fins. The bands can be in black, creamy, white or red tone. All of them are indigenous to Indo-Pacific. Let us get other interesting facts about lionfish below:

Facts about Lionfish 1: the common species of lionfish

The common species of lionfish studied by the scientists include Pterois miles, Pterois volitans and Pterois radiata.

Facts about Lionfish

Facts about Lionfish

Facts about Lionfish 2: the popularity

Lionfish earn a great deal of popularity as an aquarium fish because of its amazing and showy color.

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Facts about Lionfish 3: the invasive species of lionfish

The invasive species of lionfish include P. volitans and P. miles. Both can be found living along the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea and West Atlantic Sea.

Facts about Lionfish 4: the species of lionfish

Lionfish has 12 species. They include the red lionfish, the frill-fin turkeyfish, red sea lionfish, Andover lionfish, Luna lionfish, spot-fin lionfish, clear-fin lionfish, Hawaiian turkeyfish, and devil lionfish.

Lionfish Image

Lionfish Image

Facts about Lionfish 5: the weight and length of lionfish

The lionfish, which lives in Atlantic Ocean, has the weight of 0.055 to 2.866 lb or 0.025 to 1.3 kilogram. It has the length of 2.0 to 17.7 inches or 5 to 45 cm.

Facts about Lionfish 6: the fame of lionfish

The lionfish is famous due to its unique tentacles, venomous spines and exceptional beauty.

Lionfish Pic

Lionfish Pic

Facts about Lionfish 7: the juvenile lionfish

The area above the eye sockets on the juvenile lionfish features a unique tentacle. The tentacle of lionfish evolves so that it can attract the prey.  The scientists also believe that the unique tentacle is also used for sexual attraction.  The mating behavior and courtship of lionfish is complex.

Facts about Lionfish 8: the life span

The life span of lionfish may reach from five to 15 years.

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Facts about Lionfish 9: the eggs

The number of eggs may reach 15,000 pieces found on two mucus filled with clusters of eggs produced by the female lionfish.

Lionfish Facts

Lionfish Facts

Facts about Lionfish 10: the diet

The mollusks, invertebrates and small fish are considered as the primary foods for lionfish. These animals will try to feed themselves actively at 7 to 11 am.

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